No Melt Snowballs & Bucket

My daughter loves to play catch and throw balls around. This craft with leads to hours of fun this winter!

Since there is no snow on the ground but it is winter I thought I would make her a snowball bucket with her own non melting snowballs.


The best part is how cheap it was to make this craft because everything was bought from my local Dollar Tree!


All you need is: A red bucket, 2 packages of children’s socks (3 pair/package), and 4 packages of white beans

The sharpie, rubber bands, scissors and hot glue gun I already had at my house.


First, I took the red bucket and the Sharpie marker and wrote Mia’s Bucket of Snowballs on the outside.


Next, I put the socks and white beans along with the rubber bands out.


Mia and I filled up the socks with the white beans. She had a lot of fun helping me fill the socks.


I filled the socks leaving a good amount of room to tie the rubber band (shown below).


Using my scissors I cut some of the sock off leaving some sock left over so I could cover the rubber band with it.


I folded over the remaining sock over the rubber and using the hot glue gun sealed it down.

*The purpose was not only to cover the rubber band for look purposes but also; to keep Mia from undoing the rubber band and spilling all the beans out.*


I then put all the “snowballs” in the container for Mia to play with.


Mia’s Snowball Container has a spot under our Christmas tree and whenever we are ready to play it is in reach for Mia to grab.


Not only do I love the low cost of this craft and fun activity but if you have two kids they can each have their own buckets.

Or one child can stand away from the bucket with the snowballs and try and get as many snowballs as they can in the bucket.

Have fun and I hope you enjoy making this craft like Mia and I did!

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