Make Snow for Indoor Play

It feels and look like snow! This recipe is so simple and easy to do a toddler could do it.


 A very inexpensive activity for indoor fun.

Mia’s first reaction was, ” Wow it’s cold !” (while laughing)


Another Momee friend of mine told me that all you need is 3 cups of Baking Soda and 1/2 cup of conditioner.

She was right just mix the two together and you have made snow. It is that easy : )

I used a strawberry scented conditioner which made our snow have a hint of pink color but you can use a white conditioner to get a perfectly white snow.


Mia loved playing with the snow while being warm indoors.

It’s amazing that the combination of conditioner and baking soda makes the texture feel like cold snow and molds to make perfect snowballs.

Let me know what you think Momees after you try this with your little ones.

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