Author Spotlight: Sandy Lanton

Sandy Lanton is a local Long Island author who has written several books with wonderful stories and messages for our children.

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Sandy is a local Momee with two children and five grandchildren. Before Sandy published her first book she was a teacher with a BA degree in Psychology and an MS in Early Childhood Education. I met Sandy and her grandson at the Connetquot Highschool’s Literacy Luau in May of 2013 and I recently reached out to her again to do this author spotlight and not only did I enjoy speaking with her but the books she has published are so wonderful I look foward to you reading them as well.

What book was the first book you had published?

Sandy: “Daddy’s Chair was my first book. I was inspired to write this book after my cousin who was 46 years old had passed away. There were no books that were written for young children about losing a parent. My cousin had three children and I really wish there was a book written for younger children about death for them to understand. So that’s when I sat down and wrote Daddy’s Chair.”


Daddy’s Chair by Sandy Lanton, illustrated by Shelly Haas, is a tender  book, for children ages 4-8, that handles the death of a young parent  with great sensitivity, focusing on the theme of remembrance. Little  Michael at first denies his father’s death and refuses to let anyone sit  in his father’s chair, but later he becomes reconciled and finds comfort in the chair. ”   –

You have also written a book about divorce for childen to read, can you tell me about that book?

Sandy: ” The book you are referring to is called Still a Family. Again I wanted to write a book that children can read to understand divorce but with a story that in the end had a positive outlook on the divorce and even though mommy and daddy live in two seperate houses their family is still a family.”


When her parents fought, Emily got so scared, she spilled her milk. Her  little brother sat in his high chair, held his hands over his ears, and  rocked back and forth. As the fighting continued, Emily hid in her safe  spot under the dining room table.  A few days later, the family sat in  the living room and Emily heard the word “divorce” for the first time.  After Daddy moved out,  Emily got angry, then learned that having a  “Mommy House” and a “Daddy House” was  OK—even fun——and they were “STILL A  FAMILY”.–

When you are not writing books what do you enjoy to do?

Sandy: ” I love to line dance, play bridge, and I enjoy crocheting and of course read. I love to read books in my free time.”

When you hear the word hacker their is always a negative thought that cmes to mind what made you write a story about happy hackers for children?

Sandy: “When I was writing The Happy Hackers whch was written in 1995 and published in 1996 I wanted to write a story about good hackers. In the story a young boy uses his computer to set a trap for a theif. This book is written about an eighth grader but is written on a fourth grade level. The book is a great book used in schools for reluctant readers and ESL students.


Lots of Latkes is a great story of Hanukkah can you tell me about the story?

Sandy: ” I have written Lots of Latkes to write a light hearted story about friends getting together for a Hannukah dinner their are lots of things that go wrong with the dinner but in the end their are lots of delicious latkes to be eaten and a great holiday celebrated. The recipe is my friend’s recipe and is a great latke recipe.”


Lots Of Latkes by Sandy Lanton, illustrated by Vicki Jo Redenbaugh  is aHanukkah story. Long ago in a faraway village, an old woman  invites her friends to a Hanukkah dinner. Each guest plans to bring  something to share-sour cream, applesauce, fish, and jelly doughnuts-but  a series of mishaps results in each of them contributing latkes  instead. The friends have a good time anyway, celebrating the holiday  with a dreidel, songs, dancing-and lots of latkes. Cartoon illustrations  in soft colors are appropriate for the lighthearted story. Use this as a  read-aloud in library, family, and Jewish school settings.”-

Can we expect another book from you in the future?

Sandy: ” I have another book being released this Spring called the Littlest Levine whch is a children’s story about Passover.”


“Hannah was too little to reach the sink by herself, too little to tie her own shoelaces, and too little to ride the big yellow school bus.  At holiday time it was even worse. Dad had to lift her up to hang her decorations in the sukkah,  Grandma had to help her light the Hanukkah candles, Mom had to put her hamentashen in the oven and she wasn’t allowed  near the stove to put her matzoh balls in the soup.  Grandpa kept promising that her time would come.  And with his help, she loved being THE LITTLEST LEVINE.”-

Sandy Lanton has written great books that are great for families. She has written lighthearted books but has also written stories about subjects that most authors may not want to write about like death and divorce. I love that she has written these stories for children to be comforted by during a difficult time. When speaking to Sandy she had told me that the best part of writing these stories are the letters she had received from her readers over the years and how rewarding writing has been for her. I was lucky enough to meet and speak with such a wonderful local Long Island author. When you read Sandy’s books you will get to see what a wonderful author she is and how well she writes for our youth.

You may purchase any or all of her books through her website and all of Sandy’s books are signed when you purchase them through her site. She can even write a message to the person you are sending the book to. Purchase here —-> Sandy Lanton books

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  1. Great interview with one of my favorite children’s picture book authors, Sandy Lanton! Her books are well written and cover important themes in delightful ways. Bravo on your newest book, Sandy!Nice post, Anne!

    1. Sandy is wonderful and so are her books. Looking forward to her new release this spring : )
      I love to support all the amazing local Long Island Authors. You all are so wonderful and have great stories

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