Port Jefferson Village

Spend a day or stay overnight in Port Jefferson Village on the water.

There is great views, great food, shopping and picture perfect moments.

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If you are going to spend the night in Port Jefferson Village I highly recommend Danford’s. It is beautiful and has a great view located on the water. The food at The Wave restaurant is excellent and everything we ate we loved.

Danfords Hotel & Marina : 25 East Broadway  Port Jefferson, NY 11777

Danford’s has a lot to offer —–> click here

On Friday and Saturday nights you can hear music as you walk around the village at different restaurants including Danford’s.

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At night when the sun starts to set the view is beautiful as you can see in the pictures below.

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If you are looking for some yummy dessert treats you can head over to The Frigate. There is so many yummy desserts to choose from. Including Ice cream, gelato, kettle popcorn, candy, macaroons, frozen drinks and cake pops.

We were obsessed with the Kettle Corn it was so delicious and I loved the Peanut Butter Gelato.

Like The Frigate on Facebook ——> click here 

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Located on West Broadway next to the Village Hall  is a delicious bakery, La Bonne Boulangerie.

They have delicious cakes, cookies, pastries, bread and coffee selections.

La Bonne Boulangerie website —-> click here

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We took our cookies to go and walked along the dock to watch the boats. Mia loved looking at the boats while eating a delicious cookies.

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We can not wait to go down Port and hang out again very soon.

During the summer there is so much to do and your whole family will love it.

Check out Port Jefferson Village’s website for upcoming events and news —–> click here

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