Kazoo: Exploring Sound

This is great activity for Think About It Thursday!

It is a craft and exploring activity in one.

First we will make the kazoos then explore the sounds.


To make the Kazoo you need:

1 Paper Towel Roll and 2 Toilet Paper Rolls, Crayons, Rubber Bands, and Wax paper



First, have your child color the cardboard tubes.

kazoo7 kazoo6

Next, take a sharp tipped object and poke holes along the cardboard tubes. ( I used a screwdriver tip)


Take a piece of wax paper and cover the end of the tube and secure it with a rubber band.

kazoo4 kazoo3

Do the same thing to the toilet paper roll.


Have your child say “do do do” inside the tube to see how it sounds.


Want to Explore more?

 Replace the Wax Paper with Plastic Wrap. See if the sound is any different.

kazo kaz

Have your child say “Do do do” again.

ka k

The sound was different and you will hear a difference between the plastic wrap and Wax Paper.

My daughter loves instruments and making sounds. This was a fun experiment to do.

I saw this experiment idea on PBS KIDS.org

*** The reason you hear sound is because: All sound is made up of vibrations (rapid back-and-forth movement), which produce sound waves that travel through the air to our ears. When you play a kazoo, air carries the sound waves from your mouth down the tube, making the waxed paper vibrate. You can feel those vibrations if you touch the waxed paper.” PBS KIDS ***

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