DIY Scarecrow

Here is a great craft to make for the Fall season and the best part is all of the materials needed you probably already have most of them in your home already.
I love how our cute scarecrow looks in our house greeting everyone who comes in our home.


I really wanted to make a cute scarecrow for the house and talking with my husband we came up with the idea of doing a full body scarecrow made using boxes ( I used a Hungry Jack pancake box, 2 Jell-o Pudding containers), 4 cardboard tubes (paper towel), Chinese food container, paper lunch bags, paint, construction paper, a hot glue gun and double sided tape.



Cut a brown lunch bag into strips. This will be hay on the scarecrow.


First, paint the Hungry Jack Box and the 4 cardboard tubes blue.

IMG_1852 IMG_1853

Once they dry then you need to use brown paint on two of the cardboard tubes and the Hungry Jack box. Two of the cardboard tubes are going to be the arms and the Hungry Jack Box is going to be the body.

IMG_1877 IMG_1878

Then, paint the Chinese food container yellow. This is going to be the head of the scarecrow.


Bend the other two blue cardboard tubes in half. these will be the legs of the scarecrow.


The two Jell-O pudding boxes need to be painted brown. These are going to be the shoes of the scarecrow. Once dry, hot glue the paper bag strips (hay) on top of the shoe and connect it to the legs. (shown in pictures below).

Cut squares using red and orange construction paper to make patches on the pants. Add black lines with a sharpie marker.

IMG_1908 IMG_1886

IMG_1887 IMG_1888

Connect the legs to the front bottom of the blue hungry jack box using hot glue. (shown below)


Bend the two arms making the shorter part the bottom of the arm. Cut a little bit of the top of the cardboard tube off.

IMG_1892 IMG_1894

Then cut a tab like shown in the picture below. This will make it easier to glue to the side of the blue box.


Glue the arms to the sides of the blue box. As you can see I added two red buttons to the front of the box. (pick any color you want)


Now glue the “hay” to the top of the blue box.


Cut, a yellow circle out of construction paper and glue it to the front of the yellow Chinese food container. Then, glue the head to the top of the blue box.

IMG_1882  IMG_1897 IMG_1896

Now, we need to make the hat for the scarecrow. I used a brown lunch bag and cut it down to be smaller (shown below).

IMG_1902 IMG_1903

Take the part with a bottom and cut two slits on the sides and bend the excess paper outward. (shown below)

IMG_1904 IMG_1905

Using double sided tape put about 8 pieces around the bottom of the bag and place pieces of “hay” across the bag. Add “hay” to the top of the head as well.

IMG_1906 IMG_1907

Attach the hat to the top of the yellow Chinese food container (head) and decorate the hat and face as well. (seen below)

IMG_1909 IMG_1911 IMG_1913

Make any final touches you want to your scarecrow and use any size boxes you have to make your scarecrow as small or big as you want using mine as a guideline. Mia named ours Hay what will your families scarecrow be named?


Happy Fall and Happy Crafting from my Momee craft corner to yours!

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