Paper Plate Bat

Wow, this paper plate craft has gone Batty… it really moves!

An easy craft that your child will love to make and play with once it is complete.


All you need to make this craft is:

2 Paper Plates, Purple Crayola Washable Kids Paint, 1 piece of White Construction Paper, 1 piece of Black Construction Paper, paper fasteners, scissors, and a hole puncher.


Step 1:

Paint the two paper plates purple and allow to dry.


Step 2:

Cut one of the paper plates (going down the middle) in a zig zag. These will be for the bat wings.


Step 3:

Using your hole puncher put a hole on one side of each wing and on the whole paper plate put one on each side.

When putting the whole punch on the wings make sure to put one whole punch on the left side of one and the right side of the other wing.


Step 4:

Cut 2 large circles (eyes) , 2 medium size triangles (fangs) out of the white construction paper.

Then, cut two smaller circles (eyes) and 2 large triangles (ears) and a smile mouth out of the black construction paper.

* All Shown Below*


Step 5:

Assembly of the bat is the last step.

Using the paper fasteners connect each wing to the sides of the large plate. The paper fasteners will allow for movement.

And glue all the shapes to the whole purple paper plate (shown below)


My daughter was amazed that the wings moved and really loved playing with the paper plate bat.


Happy Halloween Crafting from my Momee craft corner to yours!

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