Halloween Cotton ball Crafts

Here are some easy crafts to do with your kids for Halloween. Each craft involves using a cotton ball.


Whether you want to make a creepy crawly spider web or a spooky ghost cotton balls are great to use for an easy Halloween craft.

Spooky Ghost Crafts

To make the Spooky Cotton Ball Ghosts on Construction Paper all you need is black construction paper, white crayon, cotton balls, wiggly eyes and glue.

Be creative and make your own Ghost picture. All you need to do to make the ghosts is stretch out the cotton ball and glue it to your paper.

IMG_2018 IMG_2019

To make the Ghost Plate all you need is a paper plate, cotton balls, wiggly eyes, black crayon, scissors, purple construction paper (for little ghost mouths) and glue.

Just like the craft above be creative and just stretch your cotton ball out to make a ghost and glue to your paper plate after coloring it.

IMG_2017 IMG_2016

Creepy Spider Webs Craft

You can use cotton balls to make spider webs for your crafts too. They look great and stretch perfectly to give you a web look.

For this craft you need: a paper plate, cotton balls, spider rings, glue and crayons.

I colored the plate first, then stretched out the cotton balls. Glued the cotton ball on the paper and then tangled the spider rings into the cotton ball.

IMG_2010 IMG_2011 IMG_2012

Above are three Halloween crafts using cotton balls. Use the idea of using cotton balls as a spider web or ghost to make any of your projects spooky or creepy without being expensive.

From my Momee Craft Corner to yours… Happy Crafting!

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