Easy Witch Craft

An easy craft for little ones to make a Halloween Witch using only glue and construction paper.



To make this craft an adult can cut out all the construction paper pieces needed to make the craft. (all shown below)

For the witch face you will need: a green head, a green nose, two white circles, one white square, two smaller black circles, and one black smile.

Using orange construction paper trace your child’s hands and then cut it out.

For the witch hat you will need: a purple triangle , an orange strip and a yellow star.

IMG_2047  IMG_2048

First, assemble the witch’s head with your child and have them glue the pieces down. (shown below)


Then, have your child glue down the pieces of the witch’s hat. (shown below)


Then, glue the hat onto the witch’s head.


Hang your adorable witch craft.


From my Momee Craft corner to yours… Happy Halloween Crafting!

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