Halloween Lunchbox Ideas

My daughter loves when her food in her lunchbox is fun and she can show it to her friends at school. Here are some cute ideas to make your child’s lunch fun too.


One of my favorites are these Mummy Juice boxes that a fellow Momee Friend of mine brought on a playdate.

Mummy Juice Boxes

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Mia loves when I use cookie cutters to make her sandwiches into fun shapes. I have been using our Halloween Cookie Cutters.

And she loves using M&M’s or any other candy like mini chocolate chips to make the faces.

IMG_1802 IMG_1797 IMG_1798

For fun snack ideas:

We love a cup of dirt that I made for Earth Day snack but it is just as fun for Halloween.  A pudding cup with a crushed Oreo and a gummy worm.

EWWWWWWWWWWWW… so gross and yummy!

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These mini chocolate covered pretzels look just like pumpkins.

Chocolate Covered Pumpkin Pretzels


The rest of these cute ideas I got off of Pinterest and you can pin them too by going to my Halloween Fun Board —–> click here

I love Pinterest and all of the cute ideas I find.

These jack-o-lantern snack bags are quick to make and would be great for a party or packed in school lunches. Found on thriftyfun.com

Living Life on the Lane: The Tales of a Stay-At-Home Mom with Big Ideas: Peanut-Free Halloween Treats for Classroom Parties or Home  Found on livinglifeonthelane.blogspot.com

Fun for the little ones. Sharpie drawn on mandarin orange or peach lunch packs Polish The Stars: 119 Creepy Halloween Food Ideas Found on polishthestars.com

And I love these Halloween Jokes to add to your child’s lunchbox for some great Halloween laughs!

Found on amomwithalessonplan.com

Pumpkins, witches and monsters. What spooky creatures could make better Halloween jokes for kids? Here are 23 printable jokes!

Your child is going to love bringing their Halloween inspired lunch to school to show all their friends.
From one Momee to another… your a fun and awesome Momee!

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