Surprise Troll Craft

We love the trolls from the movie Frozen. I wanted to make a cute craft that my daughter could play with over and over again. Here is our Surprise Troll for you to craft and make with your family.


For this craft you need:

Plastic, clear circular ornament

Grey Acrylic Paint


Wiggly Eyes

Yellow and Green Pipe Cleaners

1 small Styrofoam ball (for ears)

and an even smaller Styrofoam ball (for nose)

Hot Glue Gun


Black Sharpie Marker


My daughter Mia loves the trolls from Frozen. They are so cute and she loves that they turn from rocks to trolls in the movie. I was at the AC Moore and I saw clear plastic circular ornaments that opened like a surprise egg would. That’s when the crafty light bulb in my Momee brain went off… Frozen Trolls!

I searched around the store to come up with what to use to make the troll. That’s when I found this wooden ball (flat on the bottom) to use for the head. Then I had the idea of using Styrofoam balls (because they are easy to cut for crafting) to make the nose and ears.


First, Paint the clear plastic ornament grey as well as the wooden ball.

Cut both Styrofoam balls in half. Use one of the smaller halves for the nose. The other Styrofoam ball that was a little larger cut it in half and then again for the ears. Then, paint them grey as well.


Once everything is dry, you’re troll is ready to be assembled.

Take the wooden ball and glue the nose and eyes on the middle of the face.

And then glue the ears on (shown below).


Now, take your pipe cleaners and cut them in similar sizes (they don’t have to be perfect). And hot glue them to the top of the troll’s head.

IMG_3027 IMG_3031

Take your black Sharpie Marker and draw the mouth and eyebrows onto the troll.

IMG_3033 IMG_3034


I told Mia to close her eyes and I had a surprise for her.


When she saw the ball she was so excited! “A Surprise Egg for me”, was her reaction. (With a huge smile)

She opened it and knew right away what it was.

IMG_3046 IMG_3052


A Frozen Troll Surprise.

 I hope you enjoy making this craft for your little ones. I think they will love opening the ornament and finding a cute troll inside for them.

 Next time I go to AC Moore I am going to get the materials to make another one but this time a girl troll.

From my Momee Craft Corner to yours… Happy Frozen Crafting!
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