Olaf Snow Measuring Stick

“Do you want to build a snowman?”- Olaf in Frozen

Make an adorable Olaf Snow Measuring Stick that your child can use to measure the snow all winter long.

olaf snow measuring

My daughter loves the movie Frozen and when Olaf comes on the screen al she does is smile and laugh. He is a funny snowman who has captured the heart of so many children and is so recognizable.

Since winter is right around the corner; I thought how fun would it be if my daughter could go outside when it snows and see how much snow has fallen by using a Olaf snow measuring stick.

This is an inexpensive craft to make and one your child will love not only to see but utilize when it snows.

Materials you need:

Wooden stake ( I got mine at the craft store for $1.99)

1 large wooden craft circle

2 medium sized wooden craft ovals

White, Blue, Black and Orange Acrylic Paint

Sticks from your backyard (ones that will look good to you as the arms and hair on Olaf)


First, paint the wooden Circle and ovals white.

Once dry, paint on the face and buttons using black acrylic paint. Paint inside the black lines on the nose and paint it orange. (shown below)


Paint the stake blue and use white paint to write in the numbers and inch and half inch marks. Use a ruler to get exact inch and half inch measurements. You want your little snow measurers to get accurate readings : )


Once everything is dry assemble the Olaf and hot glue him together. Then, hot glue the branches on top of his head (for hair) and attach on the side of body (oval)  for the arms.


Once you have hot glued Olaf to the top of the wooden stake you have completed the project.

You are ready to measure the snow this winter.

From my Momee Craft corner to yours… Happy Frozen Crafting!

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