“Frozen” Inspired Ornaments

 We have made our own Frozen Christmas Tree this year with ornaments we made ourselves.

frozen xmas tree

I was shopping at Target and I came across this adorable $8.00 white tinsel Christmas Tree and I just had to buy it and my Momee Crafting mind was just exploding with Frozen Christmas Ornament ideas. I could not wait to get home with it and start crafting!

The tree was plain white but not for long.

First, I made these adorable “Icicle” ornaments.


Using a light blue pipe cleaner, tiny white sparkly pom poms and a silver snowflake ornament. ( I got the snowflakes at Michaels in a package of 10)


To make just wrap your pipe cleaner around a pencil to make the swirl and then hot glue the white pom poms and silver snowflake.

IMG_4124 IMG_4130

 Sven Ornament


You need a cardboard toilet paper roll, Brown and white construction paper, two gold tinsel pipe cleaners, Black Sharpie Marker and glue.

( I used a glue stick for everything except I attached tinsel pipe cleaner antlers with hot glue.)


First, paint your cardboard tube brown and once it is dry cut about 1 1/2 inches off.


Cut out the construction paper (as shown below) and using the black sharpie marker draw the circles in the white eyes and the nostrils on the brown nose.


Cut the Gold tinsel pipe cleaners (as shown). Then assemble your Sven ornament by gluing it together.

IMG_4238  IMG_4241

Olaf Ornament


Paint different size wooden circles white and let dry.


Then, use black acrylic paint to paint on the buttons.

Print a free clip art google image of Olaf. Cut out his face and glue it on the circle used for his head.

Frozen: Olaf Clip Art.

Then, I added pipe cleaners for hands and then I added a snowflake sticker into his hand.


Olaf Christmas Flurry Ornament

For this ornament you need:

Plastic ornament that opens in half, white bendable white snowflake ornament ( I bought it in a pack of 6 from Dollar Tree), light blue glitter acrylic paint, and white, black, orange and red acrylic paints. Along with a paint brush and a pipe cleaner to use to hang the ornament.


I painted Olaf onto the front and on the back plastic piece of the ornament I wrote “My Own Christmas Flurry” instead of “my own personal flurry”- Olaf says in the movie Frozen.

I then added the snowflake inside of the ornament and closed it up and tied a pipe cleaner to the top so we can hang it on the tree.

IMG_3959 IMG_3960


Frozen Heart Ornament 

For this ornament you need:

Plastic Ornament, that opens in half, Black acrylic paint, light blue glitter acrylic paint, white copy paper, and red construction paper along with a paintbrush and a pipe cleaner to hang the ornament with. 

First, I painted the copy paper with light blue acrylic paint. Then once dry I cut the paper up into small pieces with scissors. And there you have fake “snow”

IMG_3983 IMG_3988 IMG_3989

I then wanted to use the quote “love can melt a frozen heart”- Frozen

So I painted that on one of the plastic sides.

Then I added in the white glitter paper “snow” inside the plastic ornament along with a red construction paper heart. I wanted it to look like the heart was unfrozen and sitting in snow. 

IMG_3990 IMG_3991

I also made an Elsa ornament with the most famous saying, “Let It Go”!

IMG_4048 IMG_4049

I also used these free clip art images to make more ornaments with fake “snow” inside the plastic ornaments. 

For toppers, stickers or labels.

Free Printables—-> from Oh My Fiesta! In English

Frozen Tree Topper


Then, every tree needs a tree topper. So I made a very simple one.

I painted 5 craft sticks white and then used light blue glitter paint over that onto the sticks.

I glued them together to make a snowflake.

Then, I found a Free Frozen Clip Art image of the whole cast. And glued it to the center.

Frozen Free Clip Art

Elsa “Let It Go” Tree Skirt

The tree skirt is one of my favorite parts of my Frozen Tree. My daughter loves Elsa so I made a very simple  tree skirt that she helped me make.

All you need is:

A red tree skirt ( I found mine at the dollar store) , blue and white snowflake foam stickers, large plastic white/clear ornaments (found in a pack of 6 from my local dollar tree) and blue fabric paint.

And of course Elsa. I printed her off the computer, cut her out and hot glued her to the tree skirt.

Elsa Clip Art

My white Christmas Tree is smaller then a large tree that the skirt is made for so I just trimmed it down to be more proportionate to the smaller tree.

Attach everything to the tree skirt and it is complete in minutes!


My Frozen Inspired Christmas Tree is complete!

IMG_4265 IMG_4266

I hope you have fun making your tree as much as I did.

I added a purple bead garland as well as pink, blue, green and purple ornaments I found at my local craft store to the tree.

Happy Frozen Crafting and Merry Christmas from my Family to yours…

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