Love Is All You Need: A Dance Tribute to The Beatles – Revelations Dance Center


We all know the music of the Beatles, but the visual impression this production left on me was one I will see over and over as I hear these timeless songs for years to come.


This night of dance was held at the Islip Town Hall on Saturday, February 28th at 7:30pm. Director/Choreographer, Brian Viccaro, was inspired to use the music based on the movie Across the Universe in his first dance production working with Revelations Dance Studio and Artistic Director, Jaime Montana. Both Brian and Jaime are talented dancers themselves and along with six young talented girls from Revelations Concert Dance Class they brought this visual “timeless” piece to life.

The show opened with the song, “Stars and the Moon” performed by dancers Lisa Grieger (also a teacher at Revelations Dance Center) and Brian Viccaro. This dance choreographed by Lisa and the second dance “313” performed by Erin Gallager and choreographed by Olivia Oro demonstrates how doing improvisational dance with plenty of drama and variety it is a big part of concert dance.  

The show was about 45 minutes in length and the young girls who danced were definitely the show stoppers. These girls have been working hard since September practicing one night a week to make this production a success along with Brian and Jaime. These girls are inspirational not only did they put on a wonderful performance but they are also in other dance classes at Revelations and also maintain good grades in school. They are wonderful role models for other teenagers who aspire to do well in both their art and academics.

Mia and I loved watching the girls perform and as a young dancer herself she was dancing along in her seat. Music from The Beatles is “timeless” as described by Brian Viccaro and seeing young girls from today dance to music from over 50 years ago and the music still captivate its audience is a beautiful thing to see.  


Pictured left to right:
Min Zappa, Gianna Vario, Stephanie Furno, Katelyn Garcia, Emily Seip and Sara Shurman.

The piece Love Is All You Need was a contemporary modern dance production. The choreography performed by the girls was wonderful. The body movements were on point with the music’s beats throughout the show.


You were able to feel the these highly recognizable songs such as; Penny Lane, Let it Be, and of course Love is all you need. Through movement of each dancer throughout the show this tribute to the Beatles was wonderful and I look forward to future productions brought to us by Revelations Dance Center. The artistic imagery was outstanding … BRAVO!


Great job ladies your hard work paid off looking around the audience it seemed everyone enjoyed the show. I see a very bright future for all of these girls and I look forward to more from them in their Revelations Dance Studio performances.

Revelations Dance Center is located at:

127-20A Smithtown Boulevard Nesconset, NY

Phone: 631-738-7324


Thank you to Revelations Dance Studio for the pictures from their rehearsal earlier this week.



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