Shining Child for September: Victoria Bonavita

 Meet Victoria Bonavita – she is one incredible 11-year-old girl we just adore. She is educating others each day and Shining in our community,


Victoria is one busy young girl going to school full-time and educating us with her amazing pets. Victoria has an amazing presence on and off camera. Yes, you read it right, camera!  You can watch Victoria on her You-Tube channel with her amazing pets and amazing celebrity interviews.

We had the pleasure of meeting Victoria in June at the Sweetbriar Center Annual Festival. At the festival she had a lot of people around her, young and old, all interested in what she had to say. She brought a few of her incredible birds and was able to provide all the curious minds around her information about each one. At home Victoria told me she “has over 50 birds, ” and what is remarkable is that she knows about each one.

IMG_8054 IMG_8117

Her love and passion is seen through her vibrant smile and captivating personality. When you hear her speak, you can not help but be excited and interested in what she is telling you. For a young girl she is well beyond her years.  Her parents, Mike and Sue, are so proud. Victoria also, has two older siblings whose names are John and Monica.


Victoria has always had a love of birds, as seen in the picture below with her grandfather, Mike. Her great grandfather started the love for birds in her family, and you can see how even at such a  young age, these birds made her smile.


Victoria received her first batch of chicks from the Easter Bunny at around the age of four.

victoria 3

Now at the age of 11,  she knows a lot about her chicks and her other featured pets.

One of her memorable moments she shared with me from this past May was when she saw her baby Silkie Chickens hatch.

silkie chicken silki chicken2

When Victoria is not educating others at festivals, school programs, at the library or on her You-Tube channel,  she can be found interviewing someone. Victoria told me, “Interviewing helps me learn more and when I post a video they help educate others.” 

Her interviews have included: Jack Hanna, Lidia Bastianich, Don Most and Anson Williams of Happy Days, Burt Young and the incredible Penny Chenery.

We think this list is very impressive and we can not wait to see who she interviews next.

victoria7 victoria8

Quoted from her Facebook page, “Jack’s an incredible man with a heart that’s bigger than the world he has traveled. He shared some great stories and allowed me to have a first hand look at some of the amazing animals from the Columbus Zoo.”

victoria4 Jack Hanna– watch the video below

When she met Jack Hanna, she was also able to have an exclusive cheetah encounter. Victoria loves Cheetahs so this was an extremely memorable day in so many ways.

Victoria 4 Victoria5


With so many incredible things happening for Victoria at such a young age, we at Momee Friends look forward to watching her grow. There is a very Bright and Shining Future in store for Victoria.  We are proud to get to know her, and feature her on our site under the Kidee Section featuring a different amazing pet of hers each month.

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