Victoria’s Amazing Pets- Indian Runner Duck

A Duck that walks like a Penguin. Really?

Yes, and I am not kidding. I saw it with my own eyes and you can too.

Victoria Bonavita tells us all about one of her amazing Pets. His name is Cato and he is an Indian Runner Duck.

indian runner duck

When I met Victoria this past June at the Sweetbriar Wildlife Fundraiser she brought some of her amazing pets with her. One I remembered very well was Cato. I could not believe how much he grew when I met with her to feature him on Momee Friends.



*from Indonesia

 *stands straight up like a penguin 

*can not fly

*Males don’t quack a lot. The females will quack 

*Males have a curl on their tale  (like Donald Duck)

*their bites tickle

*they are great gardeners because they eat the pests and bugs and not the plants.

indian runner duck 1 indian runner 2


We are so honored to have Victoria share her amazing pets and stories with us. She is an incredible young girl with an extremely bright future ahead of her.


Thank you, Victoria!

Visit her Kidee Page on Momee Friends —> here

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