Dye Easter Eggs with Cool Whip and Food Coloring

Some of our favorite holiday traditions can be harder with little ones. I always search for different ways to modify something to be a little more little kid friendly. Finding out that cool whip plus food coloring is an easy way to “dye” Easter eggs was a great find and the result is beautiful.

Easter eggs cool whip dye

In this article you will find alternative ways to dye Easter eggs.

I searched Pinterest and came across this idea of using Cool Whip and Food Coloring to dye my Eater Eggs thanks to Tot School.

Beautiful Edible Marbled Eggs (Shannon's Tot School)

See the full directions thanks to TOT School —-> here

Follow the directions Step by Step. You will hard boil your eggs and let them cool completely and then coat the eggs with vinegar before you dye them with the cool whip and food coloring.


I had my girls swirl the food coloring into the cool whip with a straw inside of the container. Well, my four-year old did most of the work.

IMG_9396 IMG_9398

and yes it is edible,my almost two-year old will tell you so!

My four-year old thought it was delicious, too….

IMG_9416 IMG_9414

We rolled each egg into the colored cool whip

IMG_9402 IMG_9401

We then put them into the egg carton they came in and placed them in the fridge for 12 hours.


When you take them out of the fridge 12 hours later use a dry paper towel to take off all the whip cream. This takes some time and is messy. I recommend the adult taking over this job. Let them stand and you will be happy with the beautiful marble colors left behind.

IMG_9426Β IMG_9428

Let them stand and you will be happy with the beautiful marble colors left behind.

IMG_9429 IMG_9430


You are using food coloring so I have to warn you that food coloring does dye your hands. My daughter loves the color purple but I was not too excited about her hands being purple and green for about a day. You can put gloves on the kids but you know they are going to want to feel the cool whip and enjoy eating it off their hands.

Here are some tips thanks to wikiHOW on how to remove the food coloring color from your hands —> click here


Other alternatives to traditional dying of the eggs:

How to Dye Beautiful Easter Eggs Naturally

Naturally dyeing eggs is really not complicated at all. In fact, they're super fun to DIY. The process lends itself easily to experimentation and improvisation, and the results are gorgeous. These naturally dyed Easter eggs are suffused with vibrant, deep, natural color, and are sure to lend warmth and beauty to your Easter celebration. Best part? No chemicals! Check out this guide for the dye recipes.:


Dye Easter Eggs With Rice & Food Coloring

Dye Easter Eggs With Rice & Food Coloring - It All Started With Paint:


Kool Eggs Use Kool-Aid To Dye Your Easter Eggs Kool Aid to dye your Easter Eggs

HOLY Moly!!!! NO VINEGAR?! Sign me up! Kool Eggs Use Kool-Aid To Dye Your Easter Eggs Kool Aid to dye your Easter Eggs. Because of the citric acid already in KoolAid, this technique requires no vinegar. Not only that, but at a general cost of 5 packets for $1, KoolAid makes for an inexpensive egg dying adventure.:


Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

Melted Crayon Easter Eggs, when the eggs are still hot draw on them with a crayon the BOLD BRIGHT COLORS pop and make the most beautiful egg...:



HAPPY EASTER from Momee Friends!

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