Benner’s Farm Easter Egg Hunt

We went to Benner’s Farm for their annual Easter Egg Hunt and it was adorable. We met the Easter bunny, successfully took part in the Easter Egg Hunt and we loved seeing all the animals on the farm. Spring Festivities on the farm is always a great celebration.

Benner's Farm

Benner’s Farm is a private fifteen-acre family homestead, first farmed in the 1700’s. Your family will really enjoy their visit and the festivals that the farm provides to the public are wonderful.

The annual Easter Egg Hunt at Benner’s Farm this year was held on Saturday, March 26th and will be held today on Easter Sunday, March 27th, 2016. The Easter Egg Hunts are held at 1:00, 2:30 & 3:45pm. The egg hunts are separated by age group which is a huge plus for the little ones to have a better chance of finding the eggs.


We waited patiently in the kids under age 4 Egg hunt area. They had the area roped off and the farm attendees had the Easter Egg Hunt, organized very well.

IMG_7689-1 IMG_7694

He announced every child can collect 10 to 12 eggs and then help other kids find eggs so every child gets some eggs. He also, announced there were a few Golden metallic eggs hidden and inside there is a ticket for a special surprise prize. One you here , “GO!”  the fun will begin… and the kids and parents were off finding their eggs.


IMG_9479 IMG_9483 IMG_9481 IMG_9482

The eggs were hidden under hay piles and adorable stuffed animals in the fields. The kids were loving the stuffed animals but had to leave them t the farm for other kids to enjoy.

IMG_7688 IMG_9478


While on our egg hunt we found one of the golden eggs and we were so excited. Inside the egg was a golden ticket that told us we won a flower. We picked beautiful red tulips beautifully grown on the farm. The egg hunt was very fun and the most important thing was that the girls were happy.

IMG_9486 IMG_9496

IMG_7707  IMG_7701

We visited the animals on the farm and they were super friendly. You can definitely tell they are well taken care of and loved here on Benner’s Farm.

IMG_9456 IMG_9490 IMG_9451 IMG_9450 IMG_9449 IMG_9445

IMG_9460 IMG_9488

Before we left, we visited the Easter Bunny and that was the perfect way to end our Easter visit to the farm.

IMG_9493 IMG_9494

Thank you Benner’s Farm for holding such a wonderful Easter event for our family to enjoy!

Benner’s Farm is located at:

56 Gnarled Hollow Road

East Setauket, NY

Phone: 631-689-8172

Website —> click here

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