Easter Bunny Peep Race Cars

Want a fun Easter dessert idea that the kids will love to make?

This is an edible activity that any true PEEP lover will enjoy making and eating.

easter peep cars

Before you begin making these please make sure you will be eating these right away or that you will store them in a large enough air tight container till you are ready to eat. The Peep and the Twinkie will go stale within an hour or two of making this adorable dessert if not stored properly.

What you need is:


Box of Twinkies

PEEP Bunnies

A box of small vanilla wafers

Vanilla Frosting

Kraft Jet- Puffed Marshmallows ( I found bunny shaped ones at Target)


Paper Plate



For each Peep Bunny Race Car I set my daughter up with a plate of all the “parts” she needed. One Peep Bunny, a Twinkie, 4 Bunny shaped Marshmallows, one mini vanilla wafer and some frosting.

IMG_9329 IMG_9299

First, have your child place the Twinkie on their plate. With a spoon dig out the top center of the Twinkie with a spoon. This is where your bunny will sit inside his car with the mini Vanilla Wafer steering wheel.

IMG_9330 IMG_9310

Next, place your bunny PEEP and mini vanilla wafer steering wheel inside the “Twinkie race car seat”, you just made on top of the Twinkie.

IMG_9332 IMG_9337

Next, take your vanilla frosting and dip one side of your “tires” which are the bunny shaped marshmallows into it. You will need 4 of these bunny marshmallows per car. Place them around the outside of the Twinkie. (as shown in the pictures below)

IMG_9338 IMG_9342

IMG_9312 IMG_9344

Repeat the steps above over and over till you complete as many PEEP Bunny Race Cars as you need. Your child will enjoy making these and they are very simple to do. With so many fun colors that PEEPS come in you can make a lot of these and they will all look so festive on your Easter table.

 IMG_9354  IMG_9360


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