Shining Child- Massina Commesso

Meet our Shining Child for the month of February, Massina Commesso.

With so much love in her heart, it is only fitting that she is being announced today on Valentine’s Day.


Massina is a twelve year old girl whose smile lights up a room. She is very kind and always wants to make others smile. This past December we did a Toy Drive for HELP Suffolk and Massina’s donation was incredibly generous. Not only did she donate a toy but, she donated an experience for fourteen of the children at HELP Suffolk. She had bought un-stuffed bears from Build-A-Bear to donate to kids who may have never had the experience of stuffing their own animal. HELP Suffolk was very appreciative of this kind gesture from such a young lady.


Deb Commesso after hearing her daughter would be our Shining Child of the month said, “She continually amazes me with her never-ending random acts of kindness. She is always looking for ways to help others, whether she’s jumping up to open the door for someone or picking up litter in the road.  She is always finding meaningful ways to brighten someone’s day. Massina is truly a worthy recipient of such an honor. She has donated her hair, her money, her toys, her time, and her talents, and she will forever be my shining star.”

Shown in the picture below is the Commesso family: Massina, Deb, Paul and Kagan



This young lady knows all about smalls acts of kindness and the impact it makes. Massina and her mom went out for lunch at their local Friendly’s the other day and after lunch Massina played the stuffed animal crane game and did very well (as you can see in the picture below). According to Deb, Massina gets that skill from her father, Paul. Massina wrote a sweet note and left one of the stuffed animals for the next child to have who would try to play the game and win a stuffed animal. My heart melted when I saw this and I was so proud of this twelve year old girl who thought about another child who may not be as good as her to win the game.


messina-stuffed-animal-2 messina-stuffed-animal

 When she is not giving children stuffed animals Massina is finding other ways to make a difference. Deb and Massina donated their hair to Hair We Share this past year. Hair We Share is a local non-profit that is making a huge difference not only in our community but across the country, as well. We love and support Hair We Share and encourage you to make a difference by donating to them, as well.

hair we care donation massina

As you can see the love in the heart of a child can go a long way and make a huge difference. 

We are so happy to announce Massina as our Shining Child of the month and look forward to seeing more things from her in the near future.


shining child of the month

See Massina on our Shining Child page… here

If you know a child who deserves some recognition for making a difference in our community please contact us.

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  1. Way to go Massina! You have such a big heart. We are so grateful to have you and your family as friends.

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