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We are so lucky to have an amusement park centrally located here on Long Island, Adventureland in Farmingdale.

We recommend Adventureland for a fun way to spend your day with your family and create lots of great memories. I remember going here with my family when I was young and I love being able to take my girls with my husband as a family, now. There are fun rides for all to enjoy, arcade games and so much more…

NEW FOR 2018! The Mystery Mansion is now open and ready for you and your family to enjoy.


“Replacing the Ghost House, Mystery Mansion offers the young and the young at heart new thrills and chills as they experience Adventureland’s first ever two-story dark ride. Designed and manufactured by the Italian ride company based in Treviso, Gosetto, this gigantic blue building with a manor-type façade is jammed packed with the latest in animatronics and special effects lighting and sound. Unlike other haunted rides, the frights in Mystery Mansion can be changed and moved daily to keep guests “in the dark” about the next thrill.
Riders 48” and taller will sit in bright red, floorless chairlift style seats, each complete with a gargantuan tarantula to escort them through the many rooms of frights. As riders are carted around the unnerving mansion, they will get the chance to see Adventureland’s historic midway like never before; the double seat chairlift will exit the mansion briefly during its tour of the second floor, allowing riders to see the park in action below, before re-entering the mansion for the second half of the ride.”



A roller coaster that is not your typical roller coaster ride. You are spinning throughout the duration not knowing which direction it will turn next. Turbulence is the perfect name for this ride. If you like thrill rides you will love this one.


The views are incredible on two of our favorite rides:

 Here are some pictures I took while flying high on the swings and sitting in one of the Ferris Wheel cabins. You can see Route 110 while you are at the highest point of both of these rides. You feel like you can reach out and touch the Adventureland sign and you can have a bird’s eye view of the park and you can plan what ride you will be going on next.


The Ferris Wheel

 One of our favorite family rides. Sit back and relax and enjoy the views.

                                         Must be Over 54 inches to ride or Under 54 inches with an Adult


Wave Swing

My oldest daughter and I rode this together and loved this experience. It is so fun being up so high and enjoying the view.

Must be Over 48 inches to ride alone or Over 44 inches with an Adult




We had so much fun on all the rides. There were plenty for my youngest daughter to go on to whether she was riding it alone or with us. She is a little weary of rides and she had a blast. There were plenty of rides that were exciting to her but, not overwhelming. You can see all the rides listed and height requirements for all the rides: HERE



The train is a fun ride for all ages. It is a great ride around the park where you get to wave to others walking through the park and have a second to sit back and relax. We loved seeing the Alfie stuffed animals hidden in different places throughout the train ride. See how many you can spot. It is fun for the kids and they were so excited every time they spotted another one.

Bumper Cars

We love the Bumper Cars because it is a fun family experience that brings the competitiveness out in everyone. Drivers must be 50″ tall but you can be a passenger at 44″ tall with an adult driver.



Want to cool off on a hot day?

My girls loved the big fan misters all throughout the park. It is a nice way to cool off.


You can also cool off with their three water rides, as well! Be prepared to get wet on these rides. It is nothing like the mister fans. But, on a hot day it is nice to get in the log flume down Adventure Falls or sit inside a tiny boat with your favorite little rider or hop onto one of the crocodiles where at anytime you can get soaked.


Another great way to cool off is to enjoy some nice, cold and refreshing treats from the snack bars. We love Dippin Dots Ice Cream! We had to get the popcorn, too. We always love to collect the souvenir cups! Inside there is a family style restaurant with lots of seating indoors and outdoors in the shade. They have hamburgers, hot dogs, wraps, salads and more. There is no outside food allowed inside the park!




Arcade & Games

There are lots of outdoor games and arcade games for you to play! There is about 30 arcade games and 14 midway games (like Wac-A-Mole, basketball, etc.). What is great about Adventureland is if you want to just play games you can. You can enter the park and pay no entrance fee and then play the arcade games. The arcade games are played by purchasing an arcade card ($1.00 new card activation fee) and putting any dollar amount you like on it and you can recharge the card with any dollar amount you like.  You win tickets and you can select prizes, too. How fun!

Before you head to the park here are some helpful tips:

  1. Wear sneakers (open toed shoes and flip flops are not allowed on all of the rides.)

  2.  If you are planning on riding a lot of rides than a POP Bracelet is the way to go for the day per person.

  3. Parking is free and admission is free—you only have to pay if you’ll be going on the rides.

  4. They do not allow outside food or drink! But, you are allowed to bring in one water bottle per person into the park.


You can have your Birthday Party here, too! More info… HERE




Website: HERE

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Located at: 2245 Broad Hollow Rd
Farmingdale, New York 11735


We highly recommend heading over to Adventureland Long Island and creating memories with them this 2018 season!

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