Bubble Pop Stomp Painting

Bubble Pop + Your Kids Feet + Washable Paint + Duct Tape + Poster Board
= Bubble Pop Stomp Painting

So much sensory and creative fun with Bubble Pop wrapped feet! Your kids will love every second of this.

Just wrap your favorite design on your child’s feet.

Put some washable paint in a paper plate. And put a tarp or throw away table cloth underneath the area your kids will be painting on. It will get messy!

Have your kids get up and start painting on a foam board (they have them at your local dollar tree).


You can see how fun Bubble Pop Stomp Painting is:

Parents, I have to say the girls loved every second! But, as you can tell in the video below, this is the first time we did this and it was a learning experience.
Here are the list of things I learned watching my kids do this:
1. Please make sure you cover the area that your kids are painting on because they are kids and it will get messy QUICK.

2. Safety Concern: This activity can get slippery so please be aware and if they are really young I would have an adult holding their hands as they do this activity.

3. Oh, and definitely don’t wear clothes that you don’t mind getting full of paint if your child does slip.

4. The clean-up is messy, too. Have two adults ready to help clean up. Lol

But, trust me this is a REALLY FUN activity and you will get some cool points from your kids for letting them do this! 


Bubble Pop

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“Bubble Pop is a fun and exciting take on traditional wrapping paper combined with bubble wrap. Five different design categories with multiple colorways and seasonal designs, Bubble Pop will change the way you wrap and ship!”

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We highly recommend Bubble Pop for some fun ways to wrap a present whether you are wrapping it or shipping it! We all love Bubble wrap but, the designs on Bubble Pop are so much more fun! Don’t you think?

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