GRAAAAAAGH!!!!!! We are loving Grumblies by Skyrocket.

 Spin, Flip and Tap your Grumblie to see what happens. But, beware when he gets mad he will have the ultimate MELTDOWN and it is hilarious.
We love GrumbliesTM and we know your kids will, too.

• Erupting from the Earth’s core, watery caves and fiery pits come GrumbliesTM – be careful, don’t make them meltdown!
• If you push them too far by poking, shaking and flipping them on their heads they’ll go into a rumbling seismic meltdown and only you can calm them down!
• Each Grumblie has over 40 sounds and reactions.
• The line comes with 4 unique themes with different designs, sounds and vibrations, including Tremor, Scorch, Bolt and Hydro.
• Ages 3+ SRP $19.99
• Available at Target, Walmart and Amazon




Meet Scorch! He is our Grumblie and we love him. He has the colors of fire and lava and he doesn’t look very happy. But, even though he is so Grumblie we love to play with him.

Class: Fire Grumbly
“Fire Grumblies are quick to blow their tops, creating lava-spewing volcanoes and magma flows. One of the more mischievous Grumblies, Scorch’s red hot fur matches his fiery attitude.”



Kids will love him because you never know when he is going to throw the ultimate meltdown once you tap, spin and flip him.
Watch and see the fun for yourself below:


Don’t worry… your kids might want to try and be Grumblie , too! But, they can never be as Gumblie as one of the Grumblies. It sure is fun to try though. Check out these Grumblies faces, below.



We highly recommend Grumblies for the child in your life. These will make them laugh and they will love collecting them all.

In the collection there is: Scorch, Hydro, Bolt and Tremor.





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  1. Please Grumblies makers,

    I have a 5 yr old son Two wonderful 5 yr old daughter and a 4 year older beatiful daughter who had this toy for one night and its not working it goes into repeat and doesnt shake. It was a christmas gift from their Amazing loving gramother Mary. I am a hard working father and cant afford to replace it. Im writing for advice on trying to fix it , or maybe a replacement.

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