Who wouldn’t want to gift someone they love a plush Waggable that resembles their dog?

I recently gave my Mom a Waggable that resembled her dog, Tiffany and it definitely made her smile. 

My Mom and Dad miss their dog, Tiffany who passed two years ago. Tiffany was a great dog who they loved so much. When we get a pet they end up being our “fur babies” and a huge part of our families. It is never easy losing a pet and this was a great idea for a sentimental gift I was able to give them to always remember Tiffany and when they miss her they can give this soft plush a huge hug. They put the plush near Tiffany’s picture and I think she looks very similar to her. 

I was so impressed with the quality and size of the product. These are 3D hand sewn plush pets that you get to customize to look like your pet. They are also 8 inches tall. The Waggable is easy to create on the Waggable site —> HERE


When you customize the Waggable you get to choose their ear style, snout style, body color, eye color, etc. I love that you can personalize yours by having their name embroidered onto the belly. It is the perfect touch to the personalization process.


For now, they only have dogs but, they will have new Waggables soon! You can vote for which pet they will offer next on their page… HERE

waggable olivia

This high quality and customized pet plush takes time so in order to guarantee Holiday delivery please order by October 31st, 2018!

You can order Waggables year round for all types of occasions. It makes a wonderful gift for yourself, family member or friend for their birthday or the holiday season and makes a great sentimental gift for someone in your life who may of lost a pet they loved so much. You don’t need to have a dog to make one. You can customize your own plush and write “I love you” on the belly, too! A really cute Valentine’s Day gift, too. Allow at least 6 weeks prior to the occasion for delivery!


We highly recommend Waggables and I know you will, too!





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