DIY Nanny Costume Ideas

Just wanted to give all you Mom/Nanny/Babysitters out there a cute idea for Halloween!

diy nanny costumes

It’s super easy to put together and let’s be real we all have magical powers from time to time. Last year I decided to put a spin on my real life career and dress up like Mary Poppins! It was super easy to throw together.

For the costume:

I order the skirt on Amazon for $9.99 and a red bow tie and Sash for $5. I got a white button down shirt for cheap in Target, which I’m sure you can get anywhere you shop. I found an old black leather duffel bag for her tote and filled it with goodies from the dollar store, where I also purchased a teaspoon. (anyone who knows Mary Poppins knows she needs a teaspoon in her bag just in case because, ” Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” ) I borrowed a candle holder that looked like a lamp for my tote as well. I mean every Mary Poppins needs to pull a lamp out of her bag! Now for the “hard” part, I got an old hat that I didn’t care about and I went to Michaels and bought some flowers and those red berries to glue on the hat. I used a hot glue gun so I would make sure everything would stay. I used very light makeup and put my hair in a low bun so the hat would stay on. Throw a pair of black heels on and your done!!

Super easy to put together. Super cheap and you don’t have to be super crafty to do it.

Want some other ideas for other fun Nanny theme costumes?

                                 Look what I found on Pinterest:


This Nanny McPhee makeup looks easy and fun to do…


Gotta love the Mrs. Doubtfire costume. This is one of my favorite scenes…

Who didn’t love the Jetsons? Gotta love Rosie…


Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!! Trick or Treat!


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