Polly Pocket Tiny is Mighty tour stop at Smith Haven Mall

This weekend, Polly Pocket Tiny is Mighty tour is coming to Long Island!

The event takes place Saturday Nov 17th and Sunday Nov 18th from 11am – 4pm at Smith Haven Mall.

This great event is produced by Oasis.

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Photo courtesy of Mattel

There is going to be a lot of interactive Polly Pocket fun!

You can experience the Polly’s Adventure Course, where Polly Pocket fans “can demonstrate that they are courageous and tenacious while mastering the course,” according to Mattel.

The Adventure Course will include a Button Rock Wall, the Polly’s Soda Lookout Platform, and a slide down a huge inflatable flamingo that ends in a ball pit.

polly pocket course

Photo courtesy of Mattel


Other activities include the Cupcake Compact Karaoke Stage, where kids can dance and sing in a life-size Cupcake Compact, and the Polly’s Free Play Zone, where fans can play with different Polly Pocket figurines, play sets, and accessories or watch Polly Pocket, the new TV series.

The tour stops will also have a Maker Activity Area, where kids can make Polly Pocket themed crafts, as well as the Tiny Power! Photo Activity where the whole family can “snap the perfect pic set within the tiny world of Polly Pocket.”

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I can not wait to attend this event. When I was a little girl , I loved my Polly Pocket collection. It brings back so many memories and I can not wait to enjoy the new generation of Polly Pocket with my two girls.

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