Thanksgiving Keepsake Tablecloth

Holidays are filled with traditions and each family has different traditions that they do each year. We started a tradition in our family two years ago that I would encourage others to do, as well.

This Thanksgiving Tablecloth will be a Thanksgiving Keepsake for future generations in your family to cherish and look forward to putting on your holiday table each year.

All you need is:

A White Tablecloth

Fabric Markers


Thanksgiving is a day we give thanks for all of our blessing year after year. In my 33 years I have sat at 33 Thanksgiving tables. I would of loved to of had the 33 years of people who sat around the table with me throughout the years trace their hand on a tablecloth and sign their name. I especially wish that I had family members who have now passed away do this when they were sitting around the table and enjoying the memories we were creating. As silly as it may sound if I had started this tradition so many years ago I feel that a part of them would always be at our Thanksgiving table, visually not just spiritually.

This is a sentimental tradition that generations for years to come will appreciate.

Each year we have each family member sign their name and trace their hands.
Some of the hands have been turned into turkeys and look adorable. The added signature and date to each hand makes it complete.

thanksgiving tablecloth

This keepsake will be filled with memories of love for years and years to come.

I hope you head to the store and get a white tablecloth and fabric markers and start your own Family Thanksgiving Keepsake Tablecloth.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING and continue to cherish and count your blessings, I know I do.



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