Pikmi Pop Games by Pressman Toys

We love Pikmi Pops and these adorable and sweet smelling collectibles are now featured on some Pressman Toys Games and we can not wait to show you what is available for the Pikmi Pop fan in your life to enjoy.

Pikmi Pops™ “Lollipop Chase”

pikmi pop lollipop game


Pressman Toy Corp has created such a sweet game for Pikmi fans to enjoy, Lollipop Chase. We really enjoyed the Lollipop Challenges along the way.


Game Description: 

“Pikmi Pops are sweet scented and full of surprises! The special lollipop container opens to reveal a scented plush with surprises. It’s a great addition to any collection!
Help the Pikmi Pops fill their Pikmi trees with lots of lollipops! To earn a lollipop, you may need to dance, sing, or even tell a story. Some special places on the board will unlock surprises! Be the first player to collect four different lollipops to fill your Pikmi tree and win! Game includes one exclusive sweet scented Pikmi Pops plush.”

For 2-4 players, ages 5 and up

Available at Target, Walmart and Amazon


Pikmi Pops™ “Pop ‘N’ Race”


A “Pop ‘N’ Race” game is always a hit in our house. We really enjoy this theme of Pikmi Pops. It is simply sweet.


Game Description:

“This well-known board game brings the Pikmi Pops to life! Players pop the dome to roll the die and move their playing pieces around the board. When they land on another player’s piece, that player is in trouble and must move their playing piece back to Start. The first player to get all four playing pieces from Start to Home wins the game!”

For 2-4 players, ages 5 and up

Available at Walmart, Barnes & Noble and Amazon



Also available: 

Pikmi Pops™ Lunchbox Puzzle

“Kids love Pikmi Pops characters, and these adorable Pikmi Pops™ – “Lunchbox Puzzle” – Pressman Toy come in a real, functioning lunchbox. Kids can put together one of three 100-piece Pikmi Pops designs and use the lunchbox for school, day camp, picnics, or even to store their Pikmi Pops and other toys. The finished puzzle size is 15.75″ x 13.125″. Recommended for ages 5 and up.”

Available at Walmart



We love these adorable Pikmi Pop games and I am sure your Pikmi Pop fan will enjoy playing them, too. Highly recommend. We enjoy a Pressman Toys game night and I am sure your family will love adding these to your game night, too! 


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