When your child needs to see an ENT

Problems of the ear, nose, and throat are common in children. While many ailments can be treated by your pediatrician, there are many instances where you or your child’s doctor may seek the advice of an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) specialist.

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ENT doctors (also called otolaryngologists) treat a wide variety of pediatric conditions, including tongue ties, ear infections, and tonsil infections & snoring.

1. Tongue Ties: A tongue-tie is a condition, present at birth, where a small band of tissue prevents the tongue from moving with full range of motion. Tongue-ties can interfere with an infant’s ability to latch while breastfeeding. Luckily, releasing a tongue tie is a fairly simple procedure that an ENT doctor can perform in the office. Many breastfeeding moms notice improvement in feeding immediately after the procedure is completed. As kids get older, an untreated tongue tie may lead to speech difficulties, a gap in the lower teeth, and even difficulty playing certain instruments, such as a trumpet or trombone. Consider seeing an ENT specialist if you suspect your child has a tongue tie.

2. Ear Infections: As most parents quickly figure out, these are a painful but a common part of childhood. Most ear infections clear up with a single round of antibiotics. However, some episodes may linger or return within a short period of time, requiring additional courses of antibiotics. Ear tube insertions are common procedures performed in children to reduce the frequency of infections and allow for drainage of built-up fluid. Talk to your Pediatrician about seeing an ENT doctor if your child has 3 or more ear infections within 6 months or if you have concerns about your child’s hearing or speech development.

3. Tonsil infections and snoring: Strep throats can be a real pain, both for suffering kids and their parents. Additionally, excessively large tonsils and adenoids can lead to sleep apnea in some children. This may impact school performance, cause behavioral problems, and even bed-wetting. Consider an ENT evaluation if your child has numerous episodes of tonsillitis per year or has snoring and sleep difficulties.


written by: Dr. Neal Gehani, MD, Melville office of ENTA


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We highly recommend seeing an ENT and Allergy physician. We are patients of one of the offices, as well. Give them a call and see if your insurance provider covers your visit. You will love their physicians and I am sure you will be extremely satisfied with your experience.

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