Valentine’s Day Fun for Kids (featured on News 12 Long Island)

We have some really fun and cute ideas to enjoy Valentine’s Day with the kids. Whether you are looking for a cute gift idea, activity or a treat we have fun ways to get crafty.

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News 12’s Elizabeth Hashagen and Elisa DiStefano met with me, Anne Caminiti to talk Valentine’s Day themed crafts to do with kids.

Cupid’s Cottages are a fun activity for the kids to do at home or in the classroom. Just like gingerbread houses these are not only fun to make but, taste delicious. This “Gingerbread House” has been transformed into Cupid’s cottage by replacing the gingerbread or honey grahams for chocolate graham crackers (because when I think of Valentine’s Day- I think chocolate) and we used strawberry flavored pink frosting. Oh, and we can not forget all the fun heart-shaped Valentine’s Day candy available at the stores. Pick out some of your favorite candies to decorate with.

I know your kids won’t be able to resist eating these while they are making them. I don’t think you will be able to either. 

Read more: HERE


Most classrooms are allergy aware classrooms and when I saw this idea on Pinterest I knew I had to feature Conversation Cuties. Conversation hearts are one of the top candies given on Valentine’s Day and I think Conversation Cuties a.k.a. Clementines should be, too. How cute are these? Just take different color sharpies and write on the skin of the clementine any message you want. These will look so cute on your Valentine’s Day table with messages like: You Rock, Cool Kid and Sweet.



If you head to your local dollar store you will see a bunch of cute Valentine’s Day gifts in packages of 4, 6, 8, 12, 18 even sometimes 24. These are a great money saver and the gift ideas are so cute and the kids will love receiving them. You can add these cute toys and gift ideas to card stock and write a fun saying on them for your child’s classmates. Some ideas are:


Kids love dinosaurs and it is a great gender neutral toy. Using small dinosaurs, card stock, a sharpie and tape you can make your own cards to give to your dino-myte friend.



I’ve got my eyes on you Valentine!

I love these sunglasses that the dollar store has in packs of 4. Attach the glasses to the card stock and write a message with a sharpie and tape the glasses to this hand-written card to gift to your friend. They are so fun to wear and take pictures with, too. I loved wearing them with my two Momee Friends, Elizabeth and Elisa.


You put a stamp on my heart, Valentine!

These Valentine’s Day stamps are so cute and a great gift idea in the classroom. Again, attach the stamp with tape to the cardstock and write your Valentine’s Day message.

stamp card


If you want to make and gift some cute edible gifts. We suggest Love Bugs! You can create love bugs using applesauce, berry applesauce and even JELLO packs.

love bugs 

All you need is : Pipe Cleaners, Foam Heart stickers , and Googly Eyes. Have an adult use the hot glue gun (low temperature) to attach the pipecleaner/ foam heart antennas, foam heart feet and googly eyes to the container. 

We love the idea of writing YOU ARE AWESOME-SAUCE Valentine on the applesauce love bugs. This makes such a sweet gift for Valentine’s Day.

applesauce bugs


I love gifting family and friends gifts that have the kids pictures on them. We have some cute ideas featuring your kids.



If you see with a lot of my crafts, I like to re-purpose items instead of throwing them away. My girls have outgrown their LEGO duplos so we have decided to make a LEGO heart out of them and attach a picture of your child to the outside of it.

How cute are these?

See full directions —> HERE

You can also, gift them to your best friend.

By writing: “I’ll never LEGO a Best Friend Like You!”


Lollipop Card

I saw this on Pinterest and fell in love with the idea. Just by having your child pose with their hand out as if they are holding a balloon you can create this adorable card.

See the Pinterest Pin and how do make this: HERE


Blowing Hearts Canvas

We had fun making this adorable canvas. I had my daughters pose as if they were blowing kisses. 

Then, I painted a canvas light blue. Once it dried. We attached hearts to the canvas that we cut out of different fabrics that i had in  my craft area. We cut out some card stock white clouds, as well. 

*I attached the picture, clouds and hearts with a hot glue gun. Please be sure to have an adult use the hot glue gun and not your child. The hot glue gun gets very hot and we don’t want the kids to burn their fingers. OUCH!*

I loved how it turned out. You can add a message in the cloud too, but writing with a Sharpie marker. Super cute.

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For more ideas please, check out our Pinterest Board: HERE

Try some of these crafts to make your Valentine’s Day extra special and sweet! We can not wait to see what you come up with.


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