Smooshy Mushy Besties from Radz World

Smooshy Mushy Besties from Radz World are not only super sweet to collect with your bestie but, they are super affordable and fun.

Radz is right on-trend with their all new Smoosy Mushy Besties 3in1 blind boxes and Smooshy Mushy 4in1 Deluxe Blind Bags. My girls love collecting these and gifting them to one another and to their closest friends.

smooshy mooshy

Smoosy Mushy Besties 3in1 Blind Boxes

smooshy mushy 3 in 1

We are loving these adorable charms. I think the Drina Drumstick and the Fifi Frosted Toast are my favorites.
Inside each blind box you will find the delicious Radz candy, collectors card/ guide and the Bestie Bracelet with Charm.

A great gift idea for your bestie. Which collection will you choose? Bakies, Sweeties or Munchies?


Can be found exclusive to Walmart! Looking for them in the store? You can find these near confectionery items in the check lanes.


Smooshy Mushy 4in1 Deluxe Blind Bags

smooshy mushy blind bag

“Each blind bag comes with yummy candy in exclusive Smooshy Mushy inspired flavors, a mini poster, surprise charm and colorful bracelet! Plus, find a real Squishy Bestie in each bag! With 13 different charms and Squishy Besties to collect, these blind bags are super sweet.”

We found a Smore, Marshmallow, Macaroon and so much more…


*Can be found at Walmart and Target


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We hope you enjoy these adorable charm bracelets with your Bestie as much as we do! We love the charms and squishy. They are so adorable.


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