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Homemade by Nelli is a line of products made by a local Mom, Leah Nehlsen. Leah’s mission is to bring high quality, 100% pure skin care products containing superior ingredients to everyone.

homemade by nelli

I love her products and I am excited to tell you more about Leah and the product line she offers. 

A little about Leah and her products:

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Leah says,”Most everyone has heard of the phrase “Necessity is the Mother of Invention.” That is the exact reason why I formulated this homemade recipe for my All Natural Skin Repair. I used to slather lotion all over my body from head to toe just because it smelled sooooooo good until my skin started telling me “no”! After I developed eczema and other strange rashes (initially while pregnant with my 2nd son over 8 years ago) doctor after doctor could not explain and did not know what was causing this. So, I began using every single over the counter and popular “eczema” creams I could find. Nothing helped ALL the symptoms (redness, inflammation, irritation, itchiness, dryness…). I was prescribed steroid creams that the doctors assured me “was just topical…and did not enter my bloodstream”, however clearly on the label it states, “do not use more than 2 weeks”?? Wait…why? Is it that powerful? Is it that harmful? A doctor prescribed it to me so it must be good for me…right? I was not, and I am still not comfortable putting this or anything else on my skin – the largest organ of my body- that is not 100% pure and safe. So, because of this and the fact that the prescribed creams did not offer me much relief, is what ultimately led me to create this amazingly magical cream. It did not happen overnight by any means! It took a myriad of late nights over a course of time to get it right…from the incredible scent to every important ingredient to a longer shelf life and smooth consistency. It was an absolute necessity that this lotion be oil based because if even a drop of water (or aloe) is added to any product it automatically requires a preservative. By degree, I am a speech pathologist with a heavy science background. Even with my science background, I did not know how much I was about to learn by being a mad scientist through my homemade experiments conducted in my studio. That is how Homemade by Nelli’s Skin Repair (all-purpose healing cream) was born.

In fact every product I sell was created for myself, my children and for my family first. I just started selling my products less than 2 years ago because after giving it away to friends and family and friends of friends for some time, they wanted more and begged me to sell it. My eczema customers say they cannot live without it! That is when I incorporated and became a legit business.”


I can tell you I am now a HUGE fan of Leah’s products after trying them for myself. The products do what she says they will do. I love supporting local moms and I can tell you once you try Homemade by Nelli you will become a satisfied loyal customer, too. 


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Although I initially formulated this healing cream out of necessity for my eczema, rashes & seasonal dry skin, it is actually an all-purpose skin repair since it also works amazing on sunburn, bug bites, chapped lips, burns, any skin irritations, cuts, scrapes, poison ivy, diaper rash and so much more!

Use very little and massage it into the affected area 3-4 times a day (a little goes a long way).

If this cream gets above 76 degrees it will soften &/or melt. It still works the same though. However, if you prefer a harder consistency just stick it in the fridge for about an hour (you can store it there too).

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Momee Friend, Anne review: *I truly love this product for my feet. I love wearing flip-flops but, a down side to flip flops is callused heals. This product worked wonders on my feet. After the first application I saw a difference and after the second time there was a huge improvement in how the bottom of my feet felt. HIGHLY RECOMMEND for fellow flip flop wearing moms. I applied mine at bedtime and put socks over my feet to lock in the moisture. When I woke up in the morning my feet felt so good.*



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Homemade by Nelli’s 100% pure Rosewater Spray has a myriad of benefits!
• Anti-Inflammatory properties that help in reducing the redness from irritated skin
• Maintains balance of skin’s pH
• A great cleanser and aid in removing oil and dirt accumulated in the pores thus preventing acne and pimples
• Softens dry skin
• Prevents wrinkles
• Reduces eye puffiness
• Anti-Bacterial that helps scars, cuts and wounds
• Great as a make-up setting spray
• Antioxidant properties that strengthen cells and battle free radicals
• Works great as a after shave to soothe skin and prevent irritation
• Adds a wonderful glow to your skin
• Freshens you throughout the day when sprayed as a mist on your face and neck
• Helps to treat mild scalp irritations and dandruff
• The aroma is a powerful mood enhancer and eases anxiety

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Momee Friend, Anne review: *I truly love this product. It feels so good on my skin and I love the smell of roses. I love that it is a make-up setting spray, too. In the middle of the day when I want to feel refreshed I just spray it onto my face and go about my busy day. LOVE this product and highly recommend.*



Leah Tub Tea

Nothing soothes the soul like a good long soak. Especially when relaxing herbs, skin-soothing botanicals and nourishing essential oils are involved. But you know what’s not very soothing? Cleaning the tub afterwards….no more bath bomb mess.
Thankfully, these tub tea bags make clean up a breeze. Steep one in your bath and let the salts, oils, and flower essences diffuse into your warm bath water. It’s the perfect way to relax in cold winter months and the ingredients will do wonders for your dry, itchy skin, sore and muscles. Plus when you’re done, there is no messy clean up or herbs to pick out of the drain.
•Our all natural tub teas are safe for children and adults alike.
•Our tub teas are made with a custom blend of the finest essential oils, gluten free colloidal oatmeal, bath salts and organic botanicals. All of these pure and all natural ingredients work together to help soothe and relax sore muscles and joints while nourishing your skin with natural vitamins, minerals and lipids that add moisture to benefit the condition of one’s skin. The colloidal oatmeal contains both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which makes these tub teas ideal for sensitive skin and to treat a variety of skin disorders (i.e., sunburn, eczema, dermatitis, dry skin conditions, poison ivy…).

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Momee Friend, Anne review:  “Have you experienced an organic Tub Tea bath? It is so relaxing and one of my favorite tub teas is Sleepy Time Organic Tub Tea from Homemade by Nelli. Last night I sat in a nice long warm bath that was filled with relaxing herbs, skin-soothing botanicals and nourishing essential oils. I got out of the bath and felt so relaxed and it was some much needed Mommy time.
Self care is so important for our mind and body. Highly recommend.”




Homemade by Nelli’s 100% natural Bug Spray and Tick Repellent was created after a family camping trip. It was not an option to not wear a bug spray/tick repellent and I was spraying my young children and myself with harsh chemicals/DEET. I felt horrible every time I sprayed it on us yet the thought of a tick bite scared me more. As soon as I got back home I dedicated myself to creating a natural and safe way to protect my children and myself from bugs, mosquitoes and ticks. I researched and investigated and found that The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has confirmed Lemon Eucalyptus Oil to be as effective as DEET. With those findings in conjunction with other natural resources I was at work with my recipes. After many failed attempts and awful scent combinations this incredible product was complete.

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Momee Friend Anne Review: “I have not tired this product out yet, it is February here on Long Island but, I am excited to try it out. I love a natural product that my entire family would be putting on our skin.”


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Homemade by Nelli can ordered at:
homemadebynelli.com/shop and on Etsy.

On Long Island, they are for purchase at The Nest on Main Shop in Northport Village and at the Rx Express Pharmacy in Commack’s Northgate Shopping Center. Leah says, “My products are also sold in Dover VT, Wilmington VT and Mt Snow VT (I have a studio in VT as well).” 

We hope you give Homemade by Nelli a try. We can not wait to hear what you think of her products. We truly love them.

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