GooseEgged is the perfect solution for bumps, bruises, and temperatures. 

We have tested it out and we can assure you that it “is better than a bag of frozen peas!”

GooseEgged was created by a local Long Island family who found the solution to a problem that parents of young children face every time we head to the freezer for an ice pack. 

Megan and Michael Ross said, “We have created a hands free ice pack for children that they will actually want to wear. A household injury – a push from his sister sent Brady into a cabinet resulting in a giant ‘goose egg’ bump on his forehead – turned into our product inspiration. We raced to the freezer in search of something cold and returned with a bag of ice and frozen peas. Both were impossible to keep on his head due to the chilling cold, impractical shape, and simply the lack of patience in a 5 year old to have his parents apply cold to the affected area for 15 minutes. This was our ‘aha’ / shark tank moment!

15 months of prototyping and planning later, we are pleased to introduce GooseEgged! “


A little bit more information about these hands free ice packs:

*They are available in several kid friendly designs – inspired by Brady & Madison

See all the designs: HERE

*They have an adjustable velcro strap which enables hands free experience (yes – it can fit adults as well)

*They have a soft material on the inside which provides comfortable, cool relief

*Are made with non-toxic materials which are BPA-Free, Latex-Free, PVC-Free

*Are FDA Registered & Consumer Safety Product Council (CPSC) tested

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I love this video of six-year old inventor, Brady telling us (the consumer) about GooseEgged:

sun image momeeOur Momee Friend Review: 

Make those bumps feel better with GooseEgged!

Thank goodness for GooseEgged being stored in our freezer for a night like we had the other night.
You truly never know when a child is going to bump their head and in our house most likely that bump to the head is going to be times two kids.
Both girls collided into one another while playing and both were crying that their heads hurt. My oldest hurt her eye, too. 😔
I went straight to the freezer and grabbed their GooseEgged ice packs.

Not only are these Ice packs adorable but, they stay on their boo-boo (hands-free) because of the velcro strap and there is a soft material on the inside that is against their skin which helps your child feel more comfortable with leaving it on their skin for a duration of time. 


When I first placed it on my daughter’s head she felt more relaxed and closed her eyes and let the ice pack do its job. My youngest daughter never keeps an ice-pack on her head for a long period of time and I think that the soft back and the unicorn design she chose helped, A LOT!

After about 10 minutes they were all smiles, again.

And so was this Mommy… THANK YOU GooseEgged!

We love the kid-friendly designs.
As you can see we chose the unicorn and shark. So cute, right?

Something I really love about this product is that one local Long Island couple came up with this product for their kids and now their product is available to all to purchase through their site. We love supporting local businesses and we know you will love GooseEgged, too.


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Leave the Frozen Peas in the freezer and Get GooseEgged!

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