Beating the Winter Blues

Winter Blues, the kids getting restless and you’re running out of ideas of things to do?

Here are some fun indoor games you can all play and enjoy…

-Fort Building-

Go get your amazon boxes out of the garbage because we all know you have some. If not, you can always use kitchen chairs. Pull out all the blankets and pillows. Open both side of the boxes, tape them together, throw blankets over. You can even hang string lights. Pop some popcorn and watch a movie.


-Deck of Cards-

Challenge your kids to a game of War or Gold Fish. Build a tower with the cards. Play a add or subtraction game. Make it a fun educational game.




Make it a fun game. Set a timer, see if your child can beat the clock. More then one child at home, make it a contest. You can even be create your own puzzle. Have the kids draw a picture or use a coloring book picture. Take a puzzle you already have and trace the pieces, cut out the pieces and then tape or contact it so it won’t rip. Now they have their very own puzzle.



-Treasure Hunt-

All children love finding hidden objects. You can simply say Hot or Cold clues for the younger children. To make it more difficult for the older kids, write down clues on some paper, get creative. Place the first clue somewhere easy to find, then leave as many clues around the house as you would like.

You can have kids decode the messages, too with a white crayon and water colors.

Winter months can get repetitive so have fun with the ideas. Let loose. Have a dance party or a indoor picnic in the living room.

fort 2

Make it fun and the winter will fly on by!

Enjoy. Oh and if you come up with some other ideas, make sure to share them!!

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