Schleich Dinosaurs

The dinosaur collection from Schleich is so beautifully made. The attention to detail is incredible and I love how you can open and close the mouths of the dinosaurs shown below. My kids love playing with these and I know your kids will, too.


“One of the largest terrestrial carnivores of the dinosaur period, this ferocious-looking creature stands on two back legs in a menacing stance with his two upper limbs ready for action. The fearsome figure features a moveable jaw that opens to reveal his teeth.”


Also, in the collection is Therizinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex. (shown below)


“Of all animals that ever lived on earth, the Therizinosaurus probably had the longest claws. It used them to dig, grasp, pierce, and peel off bark. It lived towards the end of the dinosaur age, together with other herbivores such as the Kentrosaurus and Pentaceratops.”


Tyrannosaurus Rex

“The thirteen metre long Tyrannosaurus Rex was a two legged predatory dinosaur. With its powerful head and nearly 20 centimetre long teeth, this dinosaur was an extremely impressive contemporary.”


See the entire collection: HERE


If you love dinosaurs like we do then you will love these imposing dinosaur figures. They are DINO-myte!




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