Parenting 101: How to Make Sure You Buy the Safest Toys for Your Kids

Most kids love playing with the toys you give them and they’re an important part of every kid’s development, that happens to be super fun too. However, you should never forget that your child’s safety is what should always take top priority. When toys are used in the wrong way, some of them can end up doing more harm than good to your child. When such scenarios occur, these toys can become very dangerous.

Toys can be very hazardous and they’re responsible for thousands of injuries every year suffered by kids the age of fourteen and below. Many injuries that are caused by them include bruises, scrapes and minor cuts. But, don’t fret. There are a couple of ways you can get toys that are safe for your children to play with. Here in below are the things you need to consider when looking for safe toys for your kids.

1. Check for choking hazard

Toddlers often want to fill their mouths with any object they can find, which make toys that have tiny parts choking hazards. A tip you can always try to keep in mind is that if a toy and any of its parts can comfortably fit into a used toilet paper roll then you should know that your child can definitely choke on it. Purchased stuffed animals and dolls with sewn on eyes because plastic eyes often times just fall off by themselves. Additionally, keep a close eye out for tiny game pieces, While these, that are normally in the form of board games and the like, are usually ideal for older children, they can pose some danger for the young, curious sibling.


2. Ride safely

When buying riding toys for kids of any age, ensure you get elbow pads, knee pads, and a helmet as well. Children should also be supervised when on the original big wheel and other riding options to ensure safe, pleasant experiences, especially the ones that happen to be younger than eight years old. Also, make sure they ride these particular toys on flat, dry surfaces safely away from traffic.


3. Take caution with batteries

The chemicals used to make batteries can prove very deadly, and as the slimmer electronic devices get, the more they need to use tiny button battery options. Ensure the toys that require batteries, are well secured so the batteries inside them don’t fall off. Be careful with items such as musical greeting cards and remote controls that may be employing the use of small button batteries. If you want to buy a toy that needs batteries to work, don’t include the batteries in the gift package so your child doesn’t have access to them. Put the batteries in yourself.

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4. Pay attention to age recommendations and labels

Taking a bit of time to read the instructions and labels on the toys can help you determine whether the products you happen to be considering are the right option for your kid. Many toys on the market have a recommended age range listed on their packaging. If you intend on purchasing toys for kids under the age of fourteen, then it’s a very good idea to make sure that the child’s age that you are buying the toy for, is within the list of recommended ages labelled on the toy’s packaging. In general, reading the instructions and labels found on the packages of toys can offer some guidance on how they’re supposed to be used as well as help avoid injury.


5. Be extra careful with crib toys

  Loose bedding, soft objects or any items that could help increase the risks of strangulation, entrapment and suffocation should be strictly kept away from the baby’s crib. These are unwanted objects that should ruthlessly be kept at bay to ensure the safety of your baby. Any hanging crib toys (crib gyms, mobiles) should be kept out of the reach of your baby and must be completely removed once the child first starts to push up on their knees and hands or when they’re five months of age, whichever happens first. Toys of such nature can strangle your baby.

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After you have bought your kids these safe toys, it’s important you ensure they also know how to properly use them. This will just help make the toys that much safer to play with because your children will understand how to work their way around them. Also, make sure the toys are kept clean at all time. Buying safe toys doesn’t have to be that difficult of a task to accomplish. Hopefully, this article has taught you a thing or two on how to go about the whole situation.




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