How Teens Live A Drug-Free Lifestyle

Unfortunately, many teenagers will experiment with drugs today. Although the occasional use may not seem like a significant problem, even infrequent drug use can put health and safety at risk. It’s always important to understand why teenagers do or don’t use drugs. These are a few of the ways that teenagers live a drug-free lifestyle.

Their Parents or Guardians are Involved

This is a key area when it comes to drug abuse. A teenager can get into any number of troubles when they are allowed free reign. Although the teenager years can be a good time to practice independence, it’s still important to stay involved. Teenagers who don’t use drugs often have high parental or guardian involvement. With some oversight, they have fewer challenges in this area.


They Have Good Friends

Everyone needs friends, even a moody teenager. Teenagers who have friends that are also not using drugs find that it’s much easier to stay off of them altogether. During the teenage years, it can be important to fit into the crowd. This means that a teenager who doesn’t have an interest in using drugs may still be tempted if their friends engage in this activity.

Some teenagers may not always be aware that their friends are using drugs. Not all usage is apparent. However, the details of their lives can often indicate whether or not they have a problem. There are questions a person can ask themselves when concerned about drug addiction. These can be beneficial when drug use may exist but not be understood as problematic.


They have a Support Network

It’s not surprising for many teenagers to struggle emotionally in their teenage years. This can lead teenagers to try using drugs, although each teenager is different. Keep in mind that teenagers who have a strong support network are going to be less likely to turn to illegal substances. This means that teenagers who feel supported and have people that they can talk to are able to avoid drug use. This network can consist of family and friends primarily.

In addition to a support network, they also have good models. Teenagers who can see adults that are successful and happy can be a good motivation for them to avoid drug use. On the other hand, teenagers who are surrounded by drug use, especially from adults, are less likely to abstain.

They have Goals and Ambitions

Drug use can be life-changing for many people. With drug testing being common for jobs, sports, and more, drug use are a serious concern for many teenagers. A teenager who has goals in life is going to be less likely to try drugs. Their ambitions are simply too important to risk. Finding their passion and working to achieve it is a good sign.

We all know that drug use is dangerous, but it is especially harmful to a developing brain. Teenagers commonly try drugs at serious risk to their health and wellness. However, not all of them fall into bad habits. These are just a few reasons why a teenager may choose to avoid drug use. It can be beneficial to have a good support system, goals, and role models to avoid the risks for this population.

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