Wicked Big Sports® Shuffle Toss

It is “Shuffleboard – on the go” and we love it!

Wicked Big Sports® Shuffle Toss is the perfect addition to your backyard party, family picnic, tail-gate or just about anywhere you are gathering with friends and family and want to have some fun.

The last time we played the kids and the adults were having so much together. We loved playing the game and don’t let the game fool you, it may look simple but, it takes some skill and we love friendly competition.


As you can see below, two of the bean bags went straight into the Pit of Doom (we got excited and threw with too much power). But, then we got the hang of it and it was a close game. We played over and over, again. It was so much fun.



The rules are easy:

shuffle toss 4

Shuffle Toss combines bean bag toss and shuffleboard for some really fun game play. Slide your “pucks” that are the bean bags onto the board – the closer to the far edge, the more points you get. But, don’t let your “puck” slide too far, because it’ll land in the PIT OF DOOM and you’ll lose points.



Grab your set at a Dick’s Sporting Goods near you.


Wicked Big Sports Website: HERE

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