Viva Voluptuous Plus Size Bras that Flatter and Support

As a woman with big breasts I find it so hard to find a bra that supports me correctly and has a great designs. I was drawn to the Viva Voluptuous line because of the beautiful and colorful designs.

If you are a woman who is plus size and having a hard time finding a line that understands you please continue reading this article on why we recommend Viva Voluptuous. From one big breasted woman to another, I got you…

I love the Viva Voluptuous models because they are natural and display confidence. The are absolutely, beautiful! And when I see a model who has a body like mine I am more drawn to buy that product because I can see how it looks on a woman who is curvy like I am. The company understands women of all sizes and supports positive body image. More the reason to support them and buy from their line.

Liz Willis, President of Viva Voluptuous said “We are seriously concerned about image manipulation on childhood development and mental health. I have 2 girls aged 15 and 20, and I work hard to keep my girls grounded and real. I don’t want them to do silly things or starve themselves to try and achieve the unachievable. Diversity is what makes the world go round!”


I reviewed the following products and I love them…

1. The Neon Orange Sheer Lace Plus Size Unpadded Bra

I LOVE THAT IS UNPADDED (I don’t need any extra padding) and a well supporting underwire that fits me and looks great on. I also loved that it came in a 42DD cup, as well. FINALLY a brand that has my size and not just in neutral colors.



2. Vanilla Nude 20 Denier Plus Size Pantyhose

It is so hard to find a comfortable hosiery. I have to say I love their pantyhose it has an extra wide band on top that stays instead of riding down the entire time you are wearing them. ( the worst feeling is when you are wearing pantyhose and you feel them going lower and lower ad there is nothing you can do about it.  I felt confident wearing them and the Vanilla Nude went perfect with my skin tone. The pantyhose comes in different colors such as Navy, Black, and Black Diamante. I love them them all!



Oh, and wait till you see the prices of the each item. THEY ARE SUPER AFFORDABLE! Usually anything plus-size we pay A LOT of money for. The bras are affordable and are a great quality.


Liz Willis, said ‘Every woman has a right to wear pretty lingerie and swimwear and feel like a goddess. Sadly, most companies change the fabric and design once they get to bra underband 42 or 44 to ugly and beige. What a cheek to think plus-size women want to look frumpy’!

With 67% of American women being plus size, that’s 54M ladies, Viva Voluptuous is the only company to keep the designs beautiful and bright up to the largest size. Their newest range include neon orange and green. It’s fresh, funky and extremely popular, by far their biggest seller.

Liz said ‘I started the company 2 years ago, as I struggled to find pretty lingerie (I am 38DD). Once I started doing research, I realised that although a lot of companies do large bra cups for big boobs, none of them made large underband bra’s for women dress size 20 and above. It’s not been an easy task as 99.9% manufacturers in the world have no idea how to ‘build’ a really big bra. We were fortunate to find an amazing factory in Europe, that makes it all by hand. And we are determined it should all be beautiful and flattering, whether 36D or 50DD’!


About Viva Voluptuous

Viva Voluptuous is a plus size lingerie and swimwear manufacturer. Their products are designed to flatter, support and accentuate female curves. Their range starts at bra size 36D and go up to underband 50 and bra cup M.

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*some of the pictures shown in this post were directly from the Viva Voluptuous website.*

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