DIY Washer Necklaces

Make a fun, fashionable necklace for boys or girls to wear using washers. 

This is a fun and easy craft that is not only fun but looks great when it dries to wear, as well. It is fun to make these and give them out as gifts or make for yourself.

Materials Needed:

Flat Washers
Nail Polish
Embellishments of your choice (optional)
Necklace Cord

IMG_8645 (2)



Decorate the washers with nail polish and embellishments for a fun and unique fashionable craft. I went into our nail polish drawer and picked out a lot of bright and fun colors for the girls to use.


Let the washers dry completely and then put the decorated washer onto your favorite necklace cord.


IMG_8647 (2)

*I highly recommend doing this craft outside or having the windows open wide if doing it inside. The smell of the mail polish can be very overwhelming. *


See this pin on our Pinterest Board and how we got inspired to do this craft —>  

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