Zoingo Boingo

Bounce higher, further, wilder with Zoingo Boingo from our friends at Goliath Games U.S. 

Zoingo Boingo is the fantastic flexible freestyle pogo that can be used on pavement or grass. The girls are just getting the hang of it so we have been bouncing on the grass and it is so much fun. Get your kids moving and bouncing with Zoingo Boingo.

zoingo boingo 5

It features a rugged stretchable chord that tethers the handle to the durable high bounce ball. The tethered chord and bounce ball work together to produce high energy rebounds and great control and maneuverability.

This extreme pogo ball will take you to new heights!

My youngest daughter was so excited to use Zoingo Boingo after seeing her sister have so much fun using the pogo ball. It took her a few times and some help from her sister to jump with the pogo ball but, she did it!

Perfect for kids ages 8 and up

We think this would make a great birthday gift. Kids would love to play with it for long periods of time trying new tricks and bouncing higher and higher each time.


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