Edible Witch & Wizard Hat Cones

Are you a class parent or a teacher? I highly recommend adding this to your list of fun things to do this year at your class party.

This is not only fun but, it is a delicious activity. 

What you will need is:

Sugar Cones

Chocolate Frosting and/ or Orange (Pillsbury Funfetti is a great option)

Halloween inspired gummi candies

Halloween sprinkles and candy eyes




Set the plate up with a cone, candies, sprinkles and frosting for each child. We love the variety of sprinkles and candies available for Halloween. 


IMG_0109 IMG_0108


Let your children decorate the hats any way they like. If your children are too young to use a plastic knife, I recommend letting them use a popsicle/ craft stick to decorate the cone. The craft stick will spread the frosting on the cone evenly.



Your kids will love decorating these.


My 5 year old LOOOOOVES an activity where she can get messy and eat something delicious like candy : )


My 8 year old is a little bit more neater when she does an activity and loved making these. 


Your kids will love making them but, they will really love eating them. I think these would look great on top of a decorated cookie or cupcake, as well.

Happy Halloween from our Momee Friends kitchen to yours!

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