DIY Roblox Costumes

Roblox is such a popular game that kids love to play and I had to make some fun DIY costumes for this Halloween since it is so popular.

After speaking with my next door neighbor, I was inspired to create these costumes. Her son loves Roblox and she said there was no costume for Halloween available in stores. I took to Pinterest for some inspiration and made my own DIY Roblox costumes. I can not wait to show you how to make your own with cardboard boxes.

Roblox character costume-

Mohawk and Roblox T-shirt Character


All you need is: 

*Cardboard boxes

*Acrylic paint

*gorilla tape

*utility knife

*hot glue and hot glue gun

*materials to use for hair and/ or accessories- I used red hair from a Dollar Tree headband for mohawk




First, you will need to cut your boxes to make the shape of the character before you can start decorating it. You can see how we assembled the boxes below. I wanted to make it easy for any size child to wear it. So, I made sure we removed the pieces that would be inside the box so it would be easy to put on and wear. 

The larger Fed Ex box would be for the body and the smaller box we cut in half for each of the arms.


We used gorilla tape and hot glue to attach the boxes together. We attached the head box to the body but, you can make it where the head can be attached separately if you like, as well.


We then, attached the arms as you can see in the pictures above and below. 



Now, it is time to make the cut out in the head for your child to see and breathe through. This cut out will be the mouth. See in the picture below. We made a mouth that would have teeth on the top and bottom. it is one simple shape cut. Once you cut the hole then you can start painting your costume. I used red acrylic paint for the shirt and white acrylic paint for the teeth and black paint for the outline of the mouth and eyes. I had to do 3 coats of the red for the shirt. Please be sure to paint all the sides of the box for the shirt. 


Once the red paint dried, I wrote ROBLOX on the front of the middle of the center box. I decided to add eyebrows, too. I felt like the face needed a little something extra.


The next day I went to my local dollar tree and saw that in the Halloween section they had headbands that had different colored hair. It was a great find because the hair was in a straight line on the headband and it was easy to rip it off the headband in one piece. I bought two of them and was able to hot glue them to the center of the top box to make the hair look like a mohawk. I sprayed hairspray on my hands and then styled the hair to make sure it stayed up and looked nice. I love how it looks.


The great thing about Roblox is that you can design your characters to look any way you like. You can have your character be a male or female, they can wear different outfits, have different style hair, and face expressions. You can have fun with your design and I can not wait to see what you come up with. Below is a Pinterest pin, I saw and was inspired by to make my own Roblox costume.


Roblox costume- 


IMG_9711 (2)


All you need is:

*2 Cardboard boxes- one for the body and one for the head

*A roll of brown packing paper

*Black, White and Red Acrylic paint

*an old calculator

*bottle caps

*dryer vent duct

*utility knife

*gorilla tape

*hot glue and hot glue gun



You will need 2 boxes one for the head (you will keep the flaps open on the bottom on all sides) and for the body you will keep the flaps open on the sides and cut off the front and back flaps. 

Then, I wrapped the bottom “body” box with the brown packing paper so it would be easier to paint on and cover up the writing that was on the box. 

For the head:

With your utility knife (be sure an adult does this) cut a smaller rectangular eye and a larger square eye. 

Then, paint with your black acrylic paint the mouth. 

Also, on the front flap draw what is seen in the picture below.

On the bottom box:

Once it is wrapped make the white voltage meter with your white acrylic paint. 


Then, paint 6 bottle caps black with acrylic paint and find an old calculator lying around (yes, the scientific calculator is a pricey item but, it is the only one I had and knew that the gorilla tape would be strong enough to keep it attached to the box for when my daughter was going to wear the costume). 

Lastly, once the white paint was dry on the body of the box I added the finishing touches to it wiht the black and red acrylic paint. 

And once the black paint was dry on the bottle caps I attached them to the front of the box with my hot glue gun.



The last step is to measure the amount of dryer vent material you will need for the arms. This is a different length depending on who is wearing it. I suggest cutting it a bit long at first to insert it into the circles you will cut to the size of the diameter of the dryer vent tubing. You will cut these circles just under the top and center of the sides of the body of the box so that your child can get their arms in there with ease. Once you hot glue the tubing to the box after you get the vent tubing into the holes you cut and it has dried completely. Have your child put the body part of the box on and see how much of the tubing you have to cut off the bottom so that it goes up to their wrists. You will want your child to be able to use their hands and wear the black mittens that go with the costume. 


I was inspired by the Pinterest pin seen below. It is so cute.


We hope that your Roblox fans enjoy wearing these costumes as much as my kids have. I hope the instructions were helpful enough for you to create your own, as well. 















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