Make Your Own Gingerbread House

Have a Gingerbread House Baking Party with this awesome find!

Our good friends at Fun Stuff Toys introduced us to this awesome kit and we encourage you to buy one, too. 

I have to say every year making a Gingerbread House is on our Bucket list of things to do before Christmas. It is always fun but, I was never very good at constructing one. I found myself more frustrated than anything else when the sides and roof wouldn’t stay together.

I have found a new love for Gingerbread House Making thanks to this silicone mold set from Handstand Kitchen.

Why I love this kit:

* You can make your own handmade dough for Gingerbread or use the Betty Crocker mix (like I did).

I could not get the Gingerbread recipe right and Molasses smells terrible. So I took the easier way out with a mix I know tastes delicious. 

gingerbread 9

*The molds are easy to use and perfect for the kids to help put the dough into.

gingerbread 6

*The molds have beautiful designs on them (I felt like our gingerbread house was beautiful before we even put the icing and candies on it)


*you can use whatever icing and candies you want (it does not come with candies or icing)

gingerbread 15

*My best friend and I could not believe that we were able to construct the gingerbread house with ease. The molds make the perfect pieces to out together. AMAZING!

gingerbread 13

*you can use the molds over and over again and over time you are saving money because you don’t have to keep buying the large kits.

*it is the perfect Christmas tradition


*it is something you and your family will LOVE doing together (and that is my favorite part)

gingerbread 14





2 Silicone Molds


Frosting Bottle

Recipe pamphlet (5 piece set)



See all the great things from Handstand Kitchen —> HERE

Find it locally at Fun Stuff Toys in Seaford.




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