Mosaic Chalk Art

We had so much fun doing this outdoor activity. We have been so inspired by seeing other people’s chalk creations that we decided to create a beautiful design on our wooden fence.

It took some time to create this mosaic art on the fance but, the end result is awesome.

All you need is: 

Blue Painter’s Tape 




First, you will need to tape the fence. Be sure to make the first rectangle big enough to create some other shapes within it. 

mosiac chalk 1

I started with the large rectangle then, I cut strips of tape to make other shapes within the rectangle.

mosiac chalk 2

Time to get your chalk!

mosiac chalk 3

The girls then, chose the colors they wanted to fill each shape with. My older daughter made sure she filled the area in with the color completely. My younger daughter did not have as much patience for it so her chalk was lighter in color and not as filled in. It still looked great.

mosiac chalk 7

The girls did a fantastic job filling in the spaces with the colored chalk.

mosiac chalk 7

Once every shape was filled in. We pulled the tape off (this was so much fun) and the chalk art project was complete.

mosiac chalk 8


mosiac chalk

It looks awesome! We really enjoyed doing this and we are so excited to try it, again.

mosiac chalk 9


sun image momee

If you do this project, please tag us on social media @momeefriendsli or #momeefriendsli so we can see your beautiful chalk art.


Looking for another fun idea? Why not try Chalk Drawing Photos.

chalk drawing photos

This activity was so much fun and we loved looking at the photos after we drew the chalk art and posed with the chalk creations.


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