Important Things to Consider When Choosing an Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser has several benefits not only to the overall appeal of the room but to the health of the ones using the space as well. Essential oil diffusers can eliminate odors in space and purify the air, creating a healthy environment. The aroma it generates can induce relaxation, improve one’s mood, or promote better sleep. The clean air it produces is also beneficial for one’s respiratory health. Before you go and get yourself an essential oil diffuser, read below to have a good insight into the things that you need to consider.


The first thing that you need to consider in choosing an essential oil diffuser is why you need it and where you are going to use it. Some of the recommended essential oil diffusers have a large capacity that allows for a runtime of up to 14 hours. This type of diffuser is perfect for a large space in your home such as your living room. These diffusers are also great to be installed in your kitchen to combat the strong odors of the dishes that you are cooking.

On the other hand, there are also other types or essential oil diffusers that have a smaller capacity. These types can only cover a limited space, but this is perfect for your bedroom, particularly if you are after enhancing the quality of your sleep. Knowing what you will use the diffuser for and where it will be installed is a significant factor to consider when you are in the process of selecting one for your home.



The next thing that you need to inspect in an essential oil diffuser is its specifications. Learn about its operating time, as well as the capacity of the diffuser tank. Having a good idea of these specifications will allow you to accurately anticipate the time it takes for the diffuser to produce the aroma of the oil. If you divide the capacity of the diffuser tank by its operating time, the output you get is the time it takes for you to experience the aromatherapy effect in the room.

There are diffusers that can immediately dissipate the oil into the vapor that you can smell, while there are also other diffusers that may take quite some time to do so. In addition to this, knowing the operating time specification of the diffuser will allow you to plan when to use it or refill it as necessary. This will ensure the longevity of the diffuser.



Essential oil diffusers now come in a wide variety of designs and styles. There are those which are perfect for kids because of the friendly animal characters they imitate. There are also those which are compact and portable, perfect for your car or your office desk. Other essential diffusers may come in other forms which are aesthetically pleasing, complementing the interior of your home.

However, keep in mind that overall, the diffuser should have a user-friendly design. You should be able to use it intuitively or refer to its manual which should also be easy to understand. There is a great possibility that you will not be able to maximize the use of the diffuser if it is too complicated to operate or if there are too many buttons that you need to configure.



Finally, consider the features of the essential oil diffuser. Once again, this ties up with your purpose in acquiring one. For instance, there are diffusers that operate quietly, while there are also those that make a rather loud bubbling sound. If you intend to use a diffuser in your bedroom to induce sleep, then make sure to check its noise level. Nevertheless, you may worry less about the noise level if you intend to use the diffuser in another room in your home, in your office desk, or even in your car.

Aside from the noise level, different diffusers offer various other features. Some of the best ones come with an app that you can use to schedule its usage. In order to be controlled by an app, these diffusers need to be connected to the internet over Wi-Fi. There are also diffusers that provide ambient lighting or an LED cover that can be dimmed or turned on and off. This works well as a night light in a child’s bedroom. In addition to this, you may also want a diffuser that is capable of playing music to induce relaxation alongside with the aromatherapy.

One safety feature that you can definitely consider is an auto-shutoff. Not all diffusers are made with an auto-shutoff capability that turns the diffuser off when its tank is already empty or when the water level goes beyond the minimum level. Also, think about the material that the diffuser is made of because some are made from thin plastics that may easily crack or break down after only a few months of use. There are those, however, which are made of a thick plastic material, which is BPA free. The latter is often more durable and resistant to the corrosive properties of some essential oils.

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Final Word

An essential oil diffuser is greatly beneficial but you need to choose carefully to make sure that you are getting one that is appropriate to your needs. Consider where you will use it to be able to properly assess a diffuser that will be able to cover the area you need. Also, check the operating time and the capacity of the diffuser tank to have a good idea of how much essential oil you need before you experience the aromatherapy you are after. Also look into the design of the diffuser and other features such as its dimensions or ease of use, as well as the noise it produces or ambient lighting capability. When you take the time to think about all these things, there is a great chance that you will be able to get the most suitable essential oil diffuser fit for your needs.

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