What Does It Mean When You Have Precognitive Dreams?

When we base them on science, dreams are mere delusions that occur at some sleep periods. While during deep sleep you may be less likely to remember your dream, they are the strongest during REM sleep or the rapid eye movement stage. But have you ever heard a certain discussion in your dream and then heard the very same conversation shortly afterward? Or when you get a strange feeling that a colleague you don’t see very often will be turning up and the next day he or she appears? That is an example of a precognitive dream. We will explore the significance of precognitive dreams more in the following paragraphs.

What Are Precognitive Dreams

We dream a lot more than we think, creating a bunch of different images and scenarios. While most of our dreams are often completely overlooked, one could seemingly be stimulated by something which is yet to be encountered in the days ahead, eventually leading the person to think that he or she is predicting the future. However, precognitive dreams are more like visions that manifest our subconscious thoughts of future events. Such dreams also give us an insight into things we will encounter in the coming days or future. 

According to this guide from psychics4today.com, having a premonition of a future event is treated as a precognitive dream. The occurrence may be positive or negative, and it may happen in the near future or on a date far away from the current moment. A precognitive dream is, in essence, a dream that ultimately becomes true in reality. You might have noticed that you’ve had a precognitive vision sometime down the line if you are someone who is consciously paying close attention to dreams. You just might have had those futuristic experiences which often turn out to be accurate.


The Purpose of Precognitive Dreams 

Precognitive dreams sometimes serve as a warning. A dream like this could present you with something awful that could happen if you keep going along the path you were in. You could encounter some repercussions in your vision, and it would allow you to resolve your problem and make a different decision to avoid the result shown in your dream. Depending on the decisions you made, what you dreamed may or may not come true. 

Another purpose of a precognitive dream is to demonstrate that you are on the right track. A vision like this is usually one where you see yourself in a particular place as well as in detailed information, doing something really specific at a very familiar environment. You may be talking to someone who is saying something very uncommon that stays in your memory. Then, one day, you find yourself in that exact situation with the person from your dream who is saying the same things from your dream. Precognitive dreams have shown us that you could have the same exact experience as you did in your dream, only in real life, like a surreal déjà vu moment.


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How to Recognize the Dream of Precognition

Visions — Precognitive dreams have a visual symbol that helps you to realize that timing is of importance. For instance, preceding a precognitive dream you see a clock either facing forward or moving forward. This helps you to be mindful of this moment which is to happen again in real life. The face of the clock is a sign of a possible precognitive vision, so this is the moment when you should pay special attention to a dream. 

Voices — You sometimes wake up hearing a song or a couple of sentences that are seemingly not attached to any image or sign. If this happens, be on the lookout since sounds and voices can also be a sign of precognitive dreams. There is a reason in your mind that you wake up with this echo. This is your subconscious request that you need to listen to the dream and search for clues of a connection to your everyday life or what is to come. 

Emotions — If you sense a powerful emotional desire to pay more attention to the dreams, then this vision can also be a sign that time is of the essence and that the vision should come into existence again. Furthermore, we also dream of what interests us. You may realize that these unusual dreams are mostly about individuals or stuff you would like to learn about or are really fascinated by.  

Some claim that dreams are just a theory that does not mean anything and are merely electrical brain impulses picked from our spontaneous memories and thoughts. Others will say that in a precognitive dream, you are receiving information, facts, and descriptions about an event that will be true in the real world. Whatever the case might be, we hope this article has helped you recognize how you could use precognitive dreams to your benefit and learn more about yourself through them.



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  1. i am a 14 year old and i have had precognitive dreams since i was 11 but over the past year and a half, i stopped having them. how can i get them to come back

      1. i dont want my dream to come true but i like it when i have a dream and then later when i realize that this thing that im doing at that moment in time, IS what happened in my dream

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