Why Polish Chickens are Great to Raise in your Backyard

When people think of chickens, they think of the same stereotypical design that we see on television and on movie screens. In actual fact, however, there are plenty of different chicken breeds that have different qualities and appearances. 

Polish chickens are a very unique subspecies of chicken because they are known for being bearded and having a ton of different feathers and designs. They can also make for great pets and animals in your backyard. Here are some reasons as to why Polish chickens are great to raise in your backyard.

Affectionate Pets

When was the last time you saw a chicken as a pet? Chickens are normally bred to be eaten in our society therefore you will never see any of them being used as pets. Polish chickens, on the other hand, make for amazing pets if you put the time in and care for them. While Polish chickens have beautiful plumage, especially with their crest on the top of their head, it limits their vision and does not allow them to see incoming threats. As a result of this, these chickens are often very shy and scared as running away is their only method of defense. 

How can you combat this? If you take the time to work with a Polish chicken and cuddle with it, it will quickly develop trust with you. You can check out the latest guide on polish chickens to see how often you should be handling them and giving them affection. Once you have begun to win them over, you will notice that they no longer run from you, but instead run towards you and want to be held. These chickens are extremely affectionate and are not aggressive at all, making them a fantastic choice for pets in the backyard. The fact that they love being held makes it easy to take care of them as pets as well. 

They will often need to have their feathers trimmed and even their crests might have to be cut a little short. They will not fight you at all during this and will even be thankful for the crest trim as they will be able to see around them much better.

They Don’t Require Much Room

Typically speaking, it is advised that you give your chickens at least 25 square feet of room for them to run around. That is an extremely small space and any backyard should be able to accommodate that. Anything after is a bonus for them. Letting them run free in your backyard is not only adorable to watch, but they will love having that amount of room to run and move freely.

They Kill Pests

Do you have any pest problems on your lawn or in the garden? Polish chickens are great for catching and eliminating these pests. Things like grubs and other small insects are no match for this chicken as it will strike down anything that gets in its way. By adding a few Polish chickens to your backyard, you will notice that your lawn will get much healthier as the pests that cause problems are driven away.

Elegant and Different

Another great reason as to why you should raise Polish chickens in your backyard is that they are much different than your standard pet. Some people try to stray away from standard pets, but only end up getting themselves into trouble by bringing home aggressive animals that are not meant to be domesticated. 

If you are looking to be different from everyone else but still want a pet that you can love and play with, the Polish chicken is perfect for you. Their appearance is beautiful as the plumage can be a variety of colors and each chicken’s crest is unique to it.

Good Food Production

If you are a person who wants to get some of their own food organically, raising Polish chickens in your backyard is a great idea. With an average egg output of 3-4 per week, the standard Polish chicken will give you about 200 eggs in a year. That is from one chicken alone. It is often recommended that you purchase several chickens as they are a social species and need each other. This means you can easily pull in over 500 eggs a year. Typically speaking, the recommended ratio for Polish chickens is 8 hens to 1 male. This can maximize your egg production and keep them all happy.

If you plan on doing this, however, there are a few things that you have to look into. These chickens have to be cared for properly and loved. The first thing that you will need for them is a chicken coup. They need somewhere where they can feel safe laying eggs and sleep at night. 

The next is that you are going to need a hanging water source. While with other chickens you can leave a bowl of water, with Polish chickens they will dip their crest in the bowl if they try to drink. This can result in the chicken getting headaches and suffering from a few different ailments.

Finally, you are going to need a feeder for them to eat. While you can throw it in your backyard, doing so will also attract unwanted visitors such as more rodents and insects. While these chickens are great for repelling them, you don’t want to have to worry about dealing with them, A feeder ensures that all the food stays off the ground and also allows you to see exactly how much you are feeding the chickens. If you do all of this, you will be getting great egg production out of many healthy chickens.

These are all great reasons as to why you should look to have Polish chickens in your backyard. Whether you are looking for an affectionate pet, something that is unique, or something that can create organic food, a Polish chicken will fulfill all of those. Be careful with their feathers and plumage as they can spook very easily if they are unable to see. Provide them with all the love you can give and you will be amazed at these birds and what they can do.

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