Victoria’s Amazing Pets- Polish Chickens

Victoria is a young girl who is full of knowledge and has an incredible love for animals.

This month she is telling us all about her Polish Chickens.

Polish Chickens originate from Italy … seems silly hence the name. But, they are really amazing and Victoria will tell us why.


Here is a fun riddle for you…

A Rooster lays an egg on a pointy roof. Which way will it land?

(The answer is at the end of this post)

polish chicken


*even though they are Polish Chickens they originate from Italy

*they come in a variety of colors  (most variety of all breeds)

 *Pom Pom on their heads

 *The females are known as hens

 *Males are roosters

 *The female Hens lay eggs the roosters do not lay eggs


Watch this Video of Victoria telling us about her Polish Chickens:

Visit Victoria’s Amazing World Website —> click here


Check out her Kidee Page on Momee Friends —> click here


 Answer to the riddle:

 there is no egg because Roosters don’t lay eggs!


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