Edible Haunted House

Using your Gingerbread House mold does not have to be just for the Christmas season. We love decorating gingerbread house so much that we decided to make one for Halloween this year and start a new family tradition.

During the Halloween season there is so many fun candies and sprinkles out for you to buy at your local stores and use to decorate your edible Haunted House. We had so much fun using gummi worms, edible eyes, Halloween sprinkles and so much more to decorate our house. We will show you how we made ours and the awesome mold we use.

Get your kit —> HERE

I have found a new love for Gingerbread House Making thanks to this silicone mold set from Handstand Kitchen. Our good friends at Fun Stuff Toys in Seaford introduced us to this awesome kit and we encourage you to buy one, too. 

Instead of using Gingerbread Cookie Mix , I used a Sugar Cookie Mix from Betty Crocker and made sure when I baked the cookie dough in the old, it was very well done. I want it to be well done so that our house structure is sturdy.

You can see our house below and edible food items we used were:

*Chocolate and Vanilla Frosting for frosting the sides of the house and frosting the candies I used for the doors and windows. (I colored the frosting in separate bowls to make purple and orange with food coloring)

*Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal for the roof

*We used edible eyes so it looked like they were peeking through the windows to put on the frosting covered Hershey bar pieces.

*Candy Corns

*Halloween M&M’s

Surrounding the house I made a graveyard and made some festive grass. I used Milano cookies for the tombstones (I cut those in half) and wrote RIP with a Wilton Black Sparkle Gel. We sprinkled Oreo crumbles for dirt and added gummi worms in the cemetery. In the front yard we added green food coloring to coconut flakes and used candy corn pumpkins to line the walk way with graham cracker dust. To make graham cracker dust you just have to smash a graham cracker inside of a ziploc bag (don’t use too much muscle because than you can end up making a hole in the bag).

Our Haunted House is complete! This was Super fun to do! Use your imagination with so many fun festive Halloween candies available to use at your local stores. I bet your house will look amazing, too.

A new tradition that is fun to do and delicious to eat. I hope your family enjoys making the edible haunted house as much as we did.

I love that you can use this kit for multiple holidays. As you can see in the picture below we made one for Christmas , as well.

Read our post from when we made our Christmas Gingerbread House.

The Gingerbread House Kit includes:

2 Silicone Molds


Frosting Bottle

Recipe pamphlet (5 piece set

Find it locally at Fun Stuff Toys in Seaford.


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